BT sport is considered one of the leading places to watch live soccer today because it has advantages that few other live soccer broadcasting websites have.

User-friendly interface

When accessing the BTsport website, you will immediately see that this website is extremely scientifically designed. With the poles arranged quite neatly, making it easy for everyone to use. In addition, the background color is white, making it easy for users to manipulate.

The soccer matches broadcast on the day are also featured prominently by BT sport, making it quite simple for everyone to find the match they want to watch. After the account has been upgraded, users will not be affected by pop ups and advertising content.

In particular, BT Sport is also compatible with many different technology platforms, from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, which are easy to access. The screen size of the website is also compatible with both PCs and phones, so you can view it easily on any device.

1000+ leagues and tournaments

At the website BT sport, you can watch almost any match you want. Currently, BT sport live stream is updating all the top soccer tournaments in the world as below:

  • Premier League: This is the most popular soccer league in the world today. There are many exciting matches happening every week between the biggest teams in the world. You can watch Premier League live today on
  • UEFA Champions League: This is the current leading European tournament with all the strongest teams in Europe as well as soccer superstars in the world.
  • La Liga: This is the top Spanish league, where there are 2 famous teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • Serie A: This is the biggest tournament in Italy, where big clubs like Juventus, AS Roma, AC Milan, Inter compete against each other.
  • Bundesliga: This is the biggest tournament in Germany with two teams Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
  • Other tournaments: In addition, you can also watch live soccer in many other small tournaments.

Watch live soccer with the highest quality and speed

As mentioned above, BT sport is a pioneering website in applying high technology to live soccer. Therefore, when watching your favorite soccer matches here, you will get extremely good feelings.

  • Images in the game are always high resolution, specifically from HD or higher, so you will see extremely sharp images.
  • The sound in the game is extremely vivid, clear and never has any distortion or muting.
  • The screen of the match is always full, not covered by the popup or blurred at any corner, helping you enjoy the game to the fullest.

BT Sport wishes you a good time watching your favorite soccer teams and leagues!

By Manali