Hair care products account for a big chunk of the skin care market with increasing growth of hair fall and other scalp related issues in Tennessee and other places. Unfortunately, the hair care market is full of products that are based on harmful chemicals that aggravate problems in the scalp. Thankfully, the alternative wellness products are gradually increasing their share in the market although these are early days yet. Such hair care products are made from nature-based ingredients that do not contain any toxic chemical substances. For instance, private label shampoo & conditioner in Tennessee is gaining in popularity. 

The reasons for hair fall are not just due to scalp issues like dandruff, fungal infections or psoriasis but also due to hormonal and gut disorders. There is no single ingredient that can solve complex hair and scalp issues but when researchers find the right mix of ingredients, it becomes possible to treat certain scalp conditions. In the United States, ever since cannabidiol or CBD, an extract of cannabis was legalized for therapeutic uses. It has found its way into many formulations including in hair care products like shampoo and conditioners produced by private label CBD manufacturers in Tennessee

How does CBD help in better hair and scalp care? 

One important finding of CBD infusion in hair care products like shampoo and conditioners is that CBD has a major role to play in improving the performance of other ingredients that are used in such products. That’s because CBD is supposedly rich in micro-nutrients like fatty acids, amino acids and several vitamins that improve scalp health. 

Therefore, when CBD is infused with base ingredients of nature-based shampoos and conditioners these vital nutrients work in sync with other ingredients. CBD is known for its better absorption and deep impact inside the body CBD products are made by private label CBD manufacturers in Tennessee and other places.  

CBD based products have won the confidence of customers 

The nature-based wellness supplements industry is already worth over $50 billion and is projected to double in size by 2025. This speaks volumes about the potential of the nature-based wellness products industry which has been boosted by the utilization of CBD across different product segments. 

The proven effectiveness of CBD as an ingredient is being questioned by many critics but they are not able to explain away the robust growth of CBD-infused products. That’s because they are under the illusion that CBD has not been researched well enough. Be that as it may, CBD private labels in Tennessee and across the country are growing so fast only because they are effective. 

Build your brand of CBD-based shampoo and conditioners 

The nature-based supplements industry offers no barriers to the entry of new players into the market. That is because the potential market is vast and these are just early days; moreover, the industry is oriented for decentralized growth as more stakeholders promise to give it scale. 

Therefore, most manufacturers of products like shampoo and conditioners among others mainly focus on research to develop more innovative and effective products. Emerald Corp is a leading manufacturer of CBD-based products and will offer branding rights over some of its products to capable and willing partners. Please visit for more information. 

By Manali