So, the lookah seahorse pro is the first generation dabbing device. This device lacks many characteristics that this lookah seahorse pro limited edition contains. Thus, the limited edition is the next generation dab pen after seahorse pro. It was launched after the remarkable success of the first dab pen.

Thus, the lookah manufacturers have satisfied their customers with great products and updates. Their recent update in this pro limited edition is just amazing and beyond approach. So, the thing that smokers liked the most here is the capability of this device. Yes, this device is compatible with providing dual vapes like herbs and waxes.

Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy many other amazing features with accessories. So, here you’ll get to enjoy whatever you want. All the products and their updated features are offered by lookah at very affordable and reasonable price ranges. Many customers were surprised by the color scheme that they launched.

Next level than seahorse pro

Lookah seahorse pro is the first level and this lookah seahorse pro edition is the higher level. So, they both have many things in common. Thus, talking about the seahorse pro that didn’t have the property of providing dual vapes. Hence, these tiny dab pen limited editions are featured to enjoy the waxy and dry herb vapes.

Amazing unit with the diverse color scheme

Lookah manufactured has provided a variety of colors in this amazing unit. So, the smokers who love to brag and give cool vibes will have this limited edition device. This versatile tiny unit has a tie-dye feature that gives it a multiple-colored look. Thus, if you want to enjoy the perfect smoke sesh at parties then, this one is good to consider.

Workable for a long time

This is the best quality of lookah products that are durable and reliable. Thus, these products last for a long time if maintained in a good condition. So, the lookah seahorse pro limited edition is easy to clean and maintain. They come up with the cleaning solvent and brush that help in cleaning. You should vape all concentrate from the tips to enjoy the best-concentrated flavors.

No ceramic only quartz coil

The lookah has offered only quartz coils in the limited edition 2nd generation dab pen. So, the reason behind recommending quartz coils instead of ceramic is the flavors. The quartz coils are best in terms of the qualities like best flavors and smoke taste. Thus, ceramic coils have many health concerns due to their toxic nature.

Healthy smoke option

Lookah manufacturers provided their customers the ability to dab the healthier hits. So, the lookah products are upgraded with features like quartz coil, non-toxic tips, and transparent vapors. Thus, in this way lookah has allowed great options for their loyal customers to have fun with their favorite wax or herbal vapes.

Good potential battery

Lookah seahorse pro limited edition allows the potential battery of 650mAh. Thus, this battery is durable and much more reliable. This can run for 24 hours and can provide uninterrupted smoke vape opportunities. So, if you accidentally get to change to your dabbing device then, this is the most appealing device in all terms.

Lookah second-generation dab pen kit

It contains the seahorse pro and a battery. Additionally, this kit comes with the adapter and connection hose for linking the coils. The battery is the only source of heat for the coils. Thus, the USB charger is also available that comes with recharging options. So, this kit has the instructional manual and the cleaning tools that help in maintaining this device.

Shipping options available

Many dab pen manufacturers don’t facilitate their customers when it comes to shipping. So, the lookah is the only company that can provide great options. They all had done due to their customer’s needs and requirements. That’s the reason; they have huge customer reviews and demands.


Does the lookah pro edition contain an electric connection?

No, the only connection that lookah seahorse pro limited edition provides is with the battery. Thus, this is the device that is capable of providing heat through the battery only. So, if you get the chance to vape from lookah then, you’ll observe it yourself as well.

What is the purpose of the lookah seahorse pro limited edition?

This device is used to allow dabbing of waxes and dry herbs. It is a multi-purpose device that has great updated characteristics. Thus, you can enjoy the dry herb smoke as well as the wonderfully flavored vapors with this dabbing device.


So, overall lookah seahorse pro limited edition is the superior version of that seahorse pro. This dab pen has many premium features that make this device superior among all. Additionally, it allows the dabbing of waxes and dry herbs that no device offers.

Thus, this dab pen is tiny and compact. Due to its compact size, it is easy to take anywhere. Hence, this device is also helpful for hassle-free dabbing anywhere. Lookah manufacturers have launched this one at very reasonable rates and so, are perfect for the party plus home use. In addition, you’ll be offered a pro kit with a device.

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