Wooden doors are the longest exisiting type of modern doors. They have been around since the start of civilizations. According to findings, wooden doors have been around since the time of the Biblical Solomon’s era.

Shocking? But that’s not even all to wooden doors. Right here, you will discover just about everything you need to know about this simple, elegant, and durable door type.

Additionally, you will also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions on wooden doors.

Without further ado, let;s get things underway.

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Everything You Need To Know About Wooden Doors

Before making the purchase for that wooden door you have always wanted. These are important things to consider.

What is the type of wood used for the door?

There are soft and hard woods on the market. However, where you desire to fit the door should influence the choice of wood to be used for the door.

For instance; doors to be fitted on the exterior of the house should be made of hardwood since it guarantees improved strenght, security, and protection from external disturbance. 

However, should the door be needed for interior purpose, you can opt for soft wood in this case. Since aesthetics, design, elegance, and simplicity would be the determining criteria in this case.

What is the type of finish that applied to wood?

Wooden doors are quite versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of finishes. Some of the most common  finishes include natural wax, oil, paints, protective coating, varnish, among many others.

Natural waxing is highly resistant to the door cracking, warping or stretching. Application of varnish gives the the wooden door an elegant and exquisite look that is far better than others, and so on. 

Truth is; each of the finish has its strength and weakness but you can choose whatever suits your taste since you are using a wooden door.

Not all wooden doors warp

The stereoptype about wooden doors is that they will inevitably warp. But this is no longer the case. Advancement in technology used in the furniture industry have made it possible to overcome this challenge.

Making it possible for wooden doors to last longer than they normally would.

Answers to FAQs on wooden doors

Does wooden door have salvage value?

Yes! It is posisble to sell your exisitng woooden doors insofar they are still in good condition,

Can wooden doors withstand fire outbreak?

Yes. nowadays, there are wooden doors with frie resistamce qualities. Some can even withstand fire outbreak for up to 1 hour before crumbling.

Are wooden doors energy efficient?

Yes! They are quite efficient in offering protection from noise, heat, sunlight, and so on.

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