From baseball caps to toboggans, there are many different pint-sized toppers made for the littlest among us. There’s arguably nothing cuter than a toddler in a trucker hat and overalls, unless you count a tiny princess in a beanie. 

While they obviously make a fashion statement, did you know that hats for kids can also serve many important functions? Today, we’re taking a look at eight important benefits of investing in a few for your brood. 

1. Protection From the Cold 

Did you know that the human body can lose between 7% and 10% of its heat through the head? While scientists and well-meaning mothers alike used to say the number was much higher, even that percentage is nothing to scoff at.

When the days get shorter and the temperatures start to dip, it’s time to reach for the cold-weather hats. These can help your children retain as much of their body heat as possible, and prevent them from getting too chilly outdoors. 

At the same time, a wooly cap shouldn’t be the only accessory they don! Remember to dress them warmly with gloves, scarves, and heavy coats. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can put children at a higher risk of developing hypothermia and frostbite, so it’s important to suit them up properly before a day or sledding or snowman-making. 

2. Protection From the Sun

Despite their age, the sun can be harsh on your little one’s skin, eyes, and hair. The right hat can help reduce their exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or splashing on the shore, go ahead and pack plenty of sun hats for kids in your bag!

In addition, remember to apply sunscreen that can protect their skin against both UVA and UVB rays. To further protect their arms from the sun, consider swapping traditional swimsuits for long-sleeved rash guards, instead. While it might seem as though these would make your kids too hot, they’re designed to wick away sweat and keep them cool and comfortable all day long!

3. Sunburn Prevention

Not only can hats help protect your child’s skin from sun damage, but they can also be beneficial in the short term, too. When less sun is allowed to touch their faces, you can help keep them safe from a dreaded facial sunburn!

The best hats for kids in the summer should have a wide brim that shades the entirety of their face and ears, and as much of their necks as possible. As long as you take precautions to keep the rest of their body properly protected in hot weather, you can keep painful and itchy sunburns at bay all season long!

4. Shade for Their Eyes

It might seem like a small issue, but have you ever been behind the wheel and directly in line with a sunbeam? Even if you have on sunglasses, it can be nearly impossible to see too far ahead of you. 

While your tiny tots aren’t exactly driving yet, they’re still performing a ton of intricate maneuvers that require excellent hand/eye coordination, as well as clear visibility. From the monkey bars to the baseball field, they need to be able to see to play. 

One of the greatest benefits of hats for kids is the built-in shade that they provide! Whether your children are rocking cowboy hats or ball caps, you can rest assured that the brim will be long enough to block any incessant sun that threatens to interfere with their plans. 

When people debate the question, “Should kids wear hats in school?”, a common answer is that they can make recess safer and more comfortable. Without the sun in their eyes, little ones are free to run and play with ease. 

5. A Form of Personal Expression

Even the smallest kids have a right to express their personality and announce their style to the world! Even if your kids aren’t at an age where they can pick out their own clothes and dress themselves, they can pick a hat that they love!

Provide them with an array of options, and allow them to naturally gravitate to the ones that they prefer. Then, encourage them to wear it with confidence. This simple act alone can do wonders for their self-esteem, and help them develop their own personal fashion sense. 

Does your little diva love fancy hats with glitter and gold? Take her to the local costume store and let her choose the most glam one she can find! While she might not be able to wear it everywhere, it would make quite the impression at the grocery store or children’s museum!

Or, do you have a tiny ball player who wants to mimic the pro athletes he sees on the television? You can find baseball hats in all kinds of sizes, including adorable monogrammed ones he’ll love to rock. Stores like Rey To Z create customized hats designed to elevate everyday moments, so check it out today.

Ultimately, hats allow children to build their confidence and learn to navigate the ins and outs of self-expression. They give them an opportunity to feel unique and accepted, which is critical at any stage of adolescence. 

6. Support a Favorite Team or Cause

Some of the best hats for kids are ones designed with a sports team logo on them! Whether you’re pulling for the Braves or itching for a Cowboys win, why not buy a set that the whole family can sport? You can even buy hats that show your school spirit!

Similarly, you can also find hats with the name of your favorite non-profit on them, or any other cause that you’d like to support. When you dress your kids in one too, it sends a message that your whole family is behind the mission. 

You can even custom-design Mickey Mouse hats for a family trip to Disney World! If you can dream it up, then there’s a design out there for you. Just like a graphic t-shirt, a hat is a blank slate that allows your child to tell the world what they like, who they’re rooting for, and where their interests lie. 

As they get older, their choices will understandably change. Thankfully, hats are cost-effective investments that only get better with age. When one child grows out of one, save it for another or give it to a friend! 

Even distressed, they’re still ultra-cool and retain their value. That means you don’t have to worry about losing money if your child suddenly decides to swap his beloved blue cap for a red one. 

7. Protect Their Hair

Your little one’s hair is delicate and growing super quickly. Hats can keep their head safe from the wind and rain, which serves as an added layer of protection for their strands. 

Moreover, hats can also keep their hair in place. If you’ve ever had to comb a knot out of a ponytail or untangle a mass of bed head, then you know that kids are rough on their hairstyles. While you can buy detangling spray to help tackle the problem, the weather can simply do a number on their heads when they’re playing outside. 

This is where hats can be handy! Grab one and throw it on before they head outdoors, and you may find that their hair is easier to manage later that night. As an added bonus, you can also use one to hide a bad hair day, or to conceal a haircut that they don’t particularly love!

8. Keep Hair Back During Exercise

Whether your children are playing on swings or practicing for a home run, they don’t need their hair flopping aimlessly in their eyes the whole time. In some situations, this problem is just frustrating and inconvenient. Yet, it can be risky and even dangerous in some circumstances.

For instance, if a ball is heading right for your little ball player in the outfield, a stray strand can distort their view and make it difficult to see what’s coming. If they have a hat on, they can use it to pull their hair back, away from their sight. 

This allows them to focus on what they love the most: playing! If your child has a ponytail, you can find lots of hats with built-in spaces to pull their hair through in the back. 

Discover All Kinds of Hats for Kids

There are many different reasons why it’s smart to dress your children in hats. Not only do hats protect their face and head from extreme weather, they can also improve their visibility and keep them comfortable as they play.

Plus, they’re an extension of their personal style, and can deliver a major confidence boost! As you shop hats for kids, look for ones that emulate your little ones’ tastes and preferences. Then, let them rock it proudly.

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By Manali