Have you bought a bridal dress for your big day? If you yes, or if you have ordered your bridal dress then obviously you need to buy some bridal accessories as well to wear on your wedding day. Without the most important bridal accessories, a bride can’t look great. 

Must Have Bridal Accessories

Here is a list of the most important and must-have bridal accessories that every bride should buy herself. She shouldn’t rely on others when choosing these bridal accessories for her wedding day.

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Hair Accessories

A hairstyle is very important for any woman in her daily routine. So, how can she ignore her hair accessories on her big day? There are a lot of different hair accessories available at online stores and in the market. 

It all depends on what type of dress you order and what type of hairstyle you are going to make with that bridal dress. Some may keep the hairs open, while some would like to have an up bun or low bun hairstyle. 

So, according to your plan you should buy the hair accessories for the wedding day. It is recommended to discuss your dress and the hairstyle you want to make with your hairstylist before you buy the hair accessories.

Kamarband With Bridal Lehenga

For Indian brides, a lehenga choli is the best bridal dress. Some Indian brides want to wear a bridal saree on their wedding day. Both are good choices and with both, you need to have a beautiful kamarband with a bridal lehenga or bridal saree.

For brides who wear deep neck blouse or choli that shows lehenga cleavage, a kamarband is even more important as it keeps the dupatta or saree pallu in place.

Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry is a must for every woman whether she is getting ready for her wedding, or she is getting ready for a family function. Whether you are a western bride, or you are an Indian bride, without jewelry, the bridal makeover is not complete. 

You need to buy a bridal ring that should match your bridal dress. Earrings, necklaces, bangles, and many other bridal jewelry accessories are available. 

Bridal Innerwear

Innerwear or bridal undergarments are very important part of the bridal accessories for the wedding day. Without proper undergarments, you can make your figure perfect and your bridal gown fitting will not be good as well. 

Once you select your bridal gown or bridal lehenga choli, you should look for the best bridal shapewear bra. This is a special type of bra that makes your figure looks good. If you are wearing a shoulderless wedding gown or blouse, then you should buy a strapless bra so that the straps of the bra remain invisible. 

Before you buy your bridal undergarments, make sure that you have measured the correct size of your bra. If you don’t know how to do this, then here you can check how to properly measure for a bra size.

Bridal Purse Clutches

On the wedding day, you can’t hold a big bag or can’t have a cross-shoulder bag. A beautiful bridal purse or a clutch is the best option for you. The bridal purse should be selected once you select your bridal dress.

Your clutch should be small in size as you are not supposed to keep any heavy material in it on the wedding day. So, go for a smaller size that looks beautiful in your hands and also should match with your bridal lehenga choli or other bridal dress.

By Manali