Once you finally agree on a movie you all want to watch, how do you go about creating the best movie night for your family?

Family movie nights offer an incredibly bonding experience for you, your kids, and your partner. If you want to give your family the ultimate movie night but you aren’t sure where to start, use these family movie night ideas to get the magic going. 

1. Move Things Outdoors 

To turn up the magic in a fantasy film, watch it under the stars. Moving your movie night outdoors adds a sense of wonder to the evening, especially for younger children. 

Cozy up a picnic blanket or sleeping bag with heaps of pillows and cuddly blankets to stay warm. 

2. Make It a Marathon 

Are you finding it impossible to keep your kids entertained all day long? Use a movie marathon to exhaust them! 

Just kidding, almost. Movie marathons are great for older kids who’ve had the chance to develop their attention spans. You can introduce them to the magic of a series like Harry Potter, or gobble up some nostalgia with a host of Disney classics.

3. Snack Station, Anyone?

Snacks are what make movie nights memorable. Create a snack station to keep your kiddos happy and full throughout the movie! 

Offer a range of foods to satisfy your family’s every craving. You could have sweet jars, fruit bowls, sandwiches, homemade biscuits, or popcorn (a movie night essential!)

4. Hire a Projector 

For the best home cinema experience, you can’t beat projector rental. Projectors add to the cinematic feel of movie nights by giving you a large, crystal clear display. 

Using a projector also means you can watch from anywhere in your home! Usually, movie nights are limited to the TV room or lounge. With a projector, you can watch from the kitchen, next to the pool, or even the bathroom if you really want to!

5. Construct a Blanket Fort

Add some playfulness to your evening by constructing a blanket fort to watch the movie from. Kids love using their creativity and problem-solving skills to build a sturdy fort the whole family can fit into. 

Make sure your TV screen isn’t in danger of being pulled over by a blanket. To avoid that stress, bring the TV into an already constructed fort or watch the movie from a laptop. 

6. Snuggle in a Christmas Bed

Sitting on couches is great, but snuggling together in a Christmas bed is even better! 

A Christmas bed is what you get when you use mattresses, pillows, or blankets to construct a bed on your lounge floor in front of the TV. 

For the utmost comfort, you can drag a mattress or two into your TV room to build a bed on. If you’re looking for something easier, simply layer blankets, duvets, and pillows.

Nothing says “movie night” like a human nest for you and your family to snuggle into!

7. Dress Up!

Do you really want to bring the movie to life? Get your family to dress up as the characters in the film! Your kids can spin and twirl in princess dresses or pillow fight dressed as knights of the round table. 

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, these family Halloween costumes have options for you to choose from that, with a little creativity, can be adapted to hundreds of different casts. 

Family Movie Night Ideas to Blow Them Away

Hopefully, you now have an idea of how to create the ultimate family movie night. Whether you’re watching musicals, dramas, comedies, or age-old classics, these family movie night ideas are guaranteed to transform the movie night into a true DIY cinematic experience. 

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By Manali