If you’re a cord-cutter who can’t stand the thought of missing out on your favorite TV shows and movies, look no further than Hotstar. 

This streaming service is currently available in India and offers an array of local and international content without requiring users to sign up for traditional cable plans.

However, Hotstar is genuinely unique because it also offers a premium subscription package that gives users access to select TV shows and movies without ads.

Instead, the service even provides subtitles in multiple languages to ensure you can properly enjoy your favorite films and shows while practicing a new language!

As an added perk, Hotstar subscribers can split Hotstar account credentials on up to three different devices at the same time, allowing you to watch shows on your tablet when you’re away from home or in bed.

  • What Is Hotstar Premium?

We’ve all been there- the ads, the lack of good content, and the never-ending cycle of buffering. You’re frustrated with your current internet TV service provider and want to cut the cord once and for all.

However, this is easier said than done! Once you switch, you realize that all the new content is locked behind a paywall. And so begins your quest to find the best service available.

That’s where Hotstar premium comes in! It’s one of India’s most popular paid streaming services and offers some pretty unique features for its users. Let’s take a look at what makes this service so great!

i. The most significant draw for Hotstar is its live TV option. That means you get to watch all the favorite shows- live, up to the minute!

With this feature, you can keep track of what’s happening on news channels, sports events, and television shows.

ii. Not only that, but Hotstar offers a wide variety of content from various genres. You can even catch up on your favorite international

iii. TV shows! Another great feature Hotstar has to offer is the availability of its app through multiple devices.

That means you can watch your favorite shows on your phone, laptop, or even TV! Whatever device you’re comfortable with. It’s like having all your internet TV needs in one place!

iv. Hotstar also has a fantastic interface to accompany these great features. The layout is highly user-friendly, and the distinctive background images behind each show are a nice touch.

  • Pros Of Using A Hotstar Premium Account

Do you want to enjoy all the great benefits of a Hotstar account but don’t want to share it with everyone? Or maybe you don’t need so many features and would rather have an ad-free, more straightforward experience.

Well, if that’s the case, then using a Hotstar premium Account is what you’re looking for!

Keeping your Account Private

If you don’t want to use your main account and would rather have a private one, then it’s simple! Just click on the link below and follow the easy steps for creating a Hotstar split account:

Ease of Use

You’ll end up with two Hotstar Accounts, but it’s pretty simple. Both accounts will share everything from recommendations to your notification preferences. However, you can always logout of your other account if you’re already logged into the one you want to use.

TV Subscription

You only need one subscription to watch any live television available in India on Hotstar. But there’s no reason why you can’t have more than one account.

Just remember that you’ll need to use one device at a time due to licensing restrictions.


You might have noticed that on paid Hotstar accounts, you get recommendations for TV shows and movies.

These are just as good on the split accounts, but it can be unpleasant to have them constantly being pushed at you. Just turn off your match alerts feature if you want to disable this feature.


Watching all the content you want without ads is a big pro for using a split Hotstar account. It applies to both ad-supported free Hotstar accounts and your paid subscription while it’s active on your other account.


The speeds are a little faster on a single Hotstar account when loading videos, but this is only noticeable when connecting from another country.


The best part about using a split Hotstar account is that you can use each one for what it’s made for. The paid TV service subscription can watch all the available TV shows and movies.


We are here to help. If you’re looking for a way to get all the great benefits of Hotstar without any of the hassles, then using a premium account is what you need!

You can enjoy ad-free viewing and features that suit your needs just by signing up for one today. All it takes is five minutes, so get your subscription with SPLIT&CHILL. Give it a try right now!

By Manali