German Shepherd Price in India, Breed Information and Characteristics

We can say that this breed of dog is very loyal to its masters. It is suitable as a companion for humans and they are also very intelligent. German shepherds are a breed that is very intelligent and can be trained.

  1. In 1899, it was founded in Germany.
  2. Males’ length is 60-65 cm, while females’ length is 55-60 cm.
  3. Males weigh 30-40 kg, while females weigh 22-32 kg.
  4. 9-13 years of life span
  5. In India, the price ranges from ten thousand to eighty thousand rupees.

If they see anything wrong with their companions, then they can be very aggressive to defend them. Due to their protective and friendly nature, they have gained so much trust from humans. They are friendly to humans, like all dogs. Because of their hardworking nature, in most cases they want some work to do. If they are not given any work, then they will get bored and sometimes frustrated. Police use German shepherd dogs to catch thieves because of their intelligence and aggressiveness. If you are looking to buy a German shepherd, then below you will find the German shepherd price in India.

German Shepherd Dog Characteristics:

Since these dogs fall under the category of working dogs, we must give them work to do. If not, then they will become frustrated and might bark occasionally. Often, young German shepherds are very aggressive and rowdy. They need to be socialized or else they can become very protective of their masters or families. They always tend to guard their territory.

If the German shepherd is not properly bred, then sometimes it loses its temperament. They start barking and become aggressive if not given proper breeding. The German shepherd is very suspicious of strangers, like many breeds of dogs. A German shepherd’s health is at risk if they do not receive proper medical care and hygiene.

German Shepherd Origin and Breed Information:

This breed originated in Germany in 1899. Prices of German shepherds range from 10 thousand rupees to 70 thousand rupees in India. In the past, these dogs were used for breeding purposes. However, they were discovered to have characteristics like being very intelligent and aggressive.

These dogs became the best dogs for police, guards, and working in the armed forces. These dogs are the favourite pets of American people since the 1920s. Around the world, these dogs are known to be the most brave and loyal.

The German shepherd is trustworthy and devoted to his family. He is so intelligent and aggressive that he can easily find a thief or a suspicious person with ease. If they are properly cared for, German shepherds can live up to 12 to 14 years.

The German Shepherd price in India is:

German Shepherd puppies are available from breeders across cities in India. Below you will find city-wise prices.

German shepherds cost around 15000rs to 25000rs in India. However, the cost may vary based on the quality, location, and breeder. A show quality German shepherd costs around 40000Rs.

German Shepherds have the following health problems:

Below are a number of health problems related to the German shepherd. These include:

  • Dental issues – Our dogs may encounter teeth-related issues in almost 80% of cases when they reach 2 years of age. Dental diseases should be treated immediately, since they can damage other parts of your pet.
  • Digestion problems – They tend to have a higher risk of problems like weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea if they aren’t properly fed, as fatty and oily food are extremely dangerous for any type of dog.
  • Problems related to parasites – Our German shepherd dogs are at risk of getting insects and worms if we fail to maintain proper cleanliness. To prevent this, we must maintain proper hygiene and use dog products properly.

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