If you are an unsigned artist, there’s a very good chance you’re looking for ways of getting your music heard.

Getting your music heard is about more than just uploading it to a music website and sitting back and waiting for the orders to come flooding in, although this is a part of it.

It’s about getting your music out there, marketed to all the right people, and used in the best way possible – all without breaking any laws or going bankrupt – not an easy thing to achieve.

Many unsigned artists worry about what they can or should be doing to get their songs heard, but the truth is that there are several ways for you to do this.

  • Tips For Getting Your Music Heard:

So you’ve written some songs, and you want to share them with the world. But How To Get Your Song Heard? When almost every social media platform is constantly flooded with new content, it can be difficult to get your music heard above the noise.

Luckily several tricks will help you spread the word about your band or solo project. Here are just a few of them:

1. Make it easy to share

Make sure your brand’s name is present in all descriptions, titles, and tags. Also, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or wrong words anywhere near your content.

People are more likely to view something if they can easily find it on their preferred social platform. 

2. Make your profile complete:

it is important to add all relevant information about you to ensure that people can easily find you online and your band on every social media site. Also, add a link to each of these profiles on your website.

3. Have at least one song for free

It can be very frustrating to click on a link, only to discover that listening to the music will cost you money. Make sure there is always an option available for people unwilling or unable to pay.

Also, make sure that this download or stream represents your brand in the best possible way by releasing a song that displays your sound in the best possible way.

4. Join communities

Plenty of online communities is dedicated to music-related topics, which can be an excellent source for tips and tricks on how to get you started with your new project.

These groups usually share their knowledge freely, so if you’re looking for advice, it is highly recommended to join a couple of these groups and establish a good reputation before you start asking for more detailed questions regarding your music.

5. Promote on relevant websites

There are plenty of websites where you can promote your new songs online, so do not forget to submit your material to them as well.

You might have difficulty getting accepted initially, but keep submitting, and eventually, people will notice that you are serious about your music.

6. Don’t be afraid of paying for a promotion

It can be difficult to get people to notice you and your songs, so it is perfectly fine to pay a professional company to help spread the word about yourself and your band online.

Although these companies can seem expensive, they usually provide excellent value for money and will significantly increase the number of views your songs receive.

7. Submit your music to blogs

There are plenty of websites that review new music and do not require a fee for submitting your songs.

It is a great way to get the attention of a wider audience, so it is recommended to submit your material as frequently as possible.

Also, try to establish a good reputation by being active in the comments section and using your feedback to improve your music.

8. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews

It is very rare for reviews to contain only positive remarks, so it should come as no surprise when somebody writes an unfavorable review about one of your songs. Make sure to take any feedback that might seem harsh with a pinch of salt. It is their opinion, and you do not have to agree with it, nor is it necessary for them to enjoy your music for you to be successful.

9. Participate in online contests

There are plenty of online contests that provide excellent promotional opportunities and grant some interesting prizes.

All these contests are different, so make sure to investigate what you can win before submitting your material to any of them.

Also, make sure that the requirements are feasible for you and your brand, especially for geographically restricted contests, and also make sure to learn music licensing before applying.

10. Regularly update your online profiles

You might have put a lot of work into setting up an effective website, but never underestimate the importance of regular updates.

People want to know that their favorite musicians are still working on new material, so keep them informed about what’s going on in your project by adding content, pictures, and videos to your website regularly.


If you are an unsigned artist looking for ways to get your music heard, then there is a very good chance that you’re interested in finding out about the best websites where you can promote new songs.

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With this amount of exposure, it becomes much easier for independent artists like yourself to impact the industry and find more fans around the world. Contact them to learn more about their services!

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