Here Some Tips to be Considered Before Buying a Kaff Chimney

Chimneys are extremely important gadgets that are found in almost every Indian household. They play a vital role in keeping your kitchen free from dirt, oil and smoke. The latest chimney models come at amazing designs and prices. They are extremely convenient as they have amazing features, like the Kaff chimney auto-clean feature, making it easier to clean and maintain. This article discusses some of the important tips that need to be kept in mind while buying a Kaff chimney. Below are some of the important tips to keep in mind while purchasing a Kaff chimney for home

  • Chimneys are primarily available in four different types – wall-mounted chimney, island chimney, built-in chimney and corner chimney. Depending on the available space in the kitchen and the dimensions of the chimney, you can choose from these types. 
  • Depending on the filter used, chimneys can be classified into cassette or mesh filter chimneys, baffle filter chimneys and carbon filter chimneys. Depending on your preference for the filtering process and maintenance, you can choose from these filter types.
  • Suction plays a vital role when it comes to chimneys. Chimneys ideally used in Indian households come with a suction power between 400 m3/hour to 1000 m3/hour. 
  • Make sure the chimney of your choice has an aluminium non-stick blower component. The blower prevents dirt and smoke from entering the internal circuits and is responsible for the durability of the chimney.
  • Traditional or older chimney models can be noisy. However, latest chimneys can operate silently, giving them an edge over traditional chimney models.  
  • As the size is an important factor before purchasing a chimney, it is wiser to purchase a chimney with a standard size of 2 to 3ft. 
  • Older chimney models were designed to suit one speed. However, the latest chimney models with multiple speed settings have become popular for their convenience. 
  • It is also important to choose a durable chimney that requires low maintenance.
  • Chimney aesthetic and design is important while choosing a chimney that adapts to your modular kitchen.
  • It is also crucial to purchase a chimney within your budget and comes with extensive warranty and after-sales offers. One of the best Kaff chimney auto clean models include: 

Kaff FALCON DHC 90 1420 NCMH Filterless Chimney with Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology 

You can now maintain the movement of fresh air in your kitchen with this Kaff FALCON DHC 90 Gesture Control Chimney with Filter-Less and Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology. It is built with Front Black Glass and works efficiently with a Power Full Twin Concealed Motor. It comes with a stainless steel oil collector and an Optimal Airborne Grease Control Zone to keep the stains away. It has a total airflow of 1420 NCMH that sucks in all the cooking fumes and smokes. The Thermostatic Touch Panel with Gesture Control and the energy-efficient frosted LED lights facilitates easy and convenient usage.

  • Chimney Size: 90 cm, Suitable For: 4-5 Burners
  • Maximum Airflow up to 1420 NCMH
  • Filterless technology ensures powerful suction capacity
  • Power Full Twin Concealed Motor

Are you planning to purchase one of the best chimney models at affordable rates in India for your kitchen in the recent future? If a tight budget prevents you from buying a new Kaff chimney with an auto-clean feature for your home, you can look into the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for exciting deals and offers. 

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