While the average cost of air duct system cleaning is $370, there are a lot of factors that raise or lower the price. It’s best to be aware of these factors while you’re searching for these services.

This way, you can set your expectations accordingly and find the best deals. 

Read on to learn more about these factors. 

Cleaning Frequency

One thing that affects how much you spend on air system cleaning has to do with the frequency of your cleaning. Luckily, you might not need to hire cleaning services as often as you may think. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it’s most important to clean your air ducts in three situations. One of these is when you can clearly see mold growth. Others are when vermin have infested your system or excessive debris has clogged it. 

In general, though, cleanings get you clean, healthy, circulating air. Therefore, the added cost of more frequent cleanings may be worth the extra cost. This is especially true if you have severe health concerns. 

Air Duct System Size

There are many duct system size factors that can make it cheaper or more expensive. Often, this depends on the pricing system of the professional that you hire.

Some professionals charge by the number of ducts your system has. Others charge by its square footage. There are also contractors that charge a set price per system. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to learn how different professionals charge beforehand. You can then measure your system’s features and calculate the final rate of each service. Upon completion of this, you can compare costs and better choose the best deal. 

Total Cleaning Time

Size isn’t the only factor that determines how long it will take to clean your air ducts. How hard or easy your ducts are to reach is another factor. Contractors may also consider the contamination level of your system. 

Most air duct cleaning companies won’t charge you by the hour. However, they will likely tack on charges for anything that will extend the service time. Keep this in mind when trying to consider your final costs.

Additional Services 

You may also need additional services on top of the basic cleaning. The service of inspecting your air vent system before cleaning it is usually not free. This is because doing so requires some specialized equipment.

In addition, certain contaminants are more difficult to clean than others. Specialized services and equipment are required to get rid of mold, pests, and asbestos. 

Contractors may also find that your system needs a repair during their inspection. Therefore, it’s best to be aware of this possible charge so that it doesn’t surprise you. 

Learning About Air Duct Systems and Other Topics 

As a final tip, make sure that you research the average charges for your area for different services. This way, you can know if your contractor is giving you a fair price. 

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By Manali