Sigma Properties has built a reputation as a significant Business Leader over the years by committing to a set of concepts, values, and business operations that act as the organization’s business engine referred to as the SIGMA STYLE. They believe in continuous and never-ending progress. That is why they never get comfortable with where they are and continually seek to improve their business by putting their best ideas and efforts into action. They place high importance on people and believe that good people who work together in a team-based environment are the cornerstone of success.

How Top smart cities of Lahore hire our services?


Mir General Contracting & Maintenance Company is a subsidiary corporation of Sigma Properties & Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, a leader in contracting services across the Middle East since the 1980s. Sigma was founded in 2003 in Abu Dhabi. The company’s cornerstones were logistics and rental management. Since its foundation, Sigma has had the privilege to engage with Middle Eastern industry titans and global corporations. Aldar, Yas Island, Reem Group, & Sheikh Mansoor Palace are just a few examples. Sigma has been the primary developer for the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center for the past 4 years. Read more about¬†royal residencia.


Sigma received national and international accolades for its excellent services during Endurance Cuji when the firm managed logistics & transportation of up to 45000 (forty-five thousand) people without jeopardizing the etiquette or quality requirements. Since that time, Sigma has proven itself as the most recognized and capable firm in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In a short amount of time, Sigma established itself as the customer’s first choice. The Ramadan Festival and the Middle East’s most prestigious and Car Property Show were coordinated by Sigma.

Sigma’s Backstory:

In 2017, the group commenced the Pakistani real estate market. Sigma has worked on multibillion-rupee property projects like Top City-1, Park View City, Taj Residencia, Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Sky Park, Blue World City, and, most lately, Pakistan’s first smart city, “Capital Smart City,” in just 3 years. Sigma Properties is committed to bringing international business strategies learnt through interacting with multinational firms to the Pakistani market. Sigma has completed significant initiatives, including Sigma Arcade, which was completed in a record-breaking time since its beginning.

Sigma is now considered one of Pakistan’s speediest growing marketing companies. They are breaking established business methods and expectations by focusing on customer service instead of money. The “Client First” philosophy guides Sigma’s administration, which is why they developed their investor care facility for their clients. By managing their efforts, they were able to achieve a 0% response rate. Sigma’s customers are loyal to them, and so they are dedicated to their customers.

Faisal Akhunzada, Chairman of Sigma Properties:

Faisal Akhunzada is a well-recognized person in the property industries of Pakistan and the Middle East. He is well-known for his Top-Gun deal-making method. He is the engine that propels Sigma’s rapid expansion. He’s worked on significant projects for high-profile customers like Sheikh Mansoor Palace and Adnec. With a profound grasp of business and mental clarity, he is leading Sigma Properties to greater levels for local & international investors.

Mudasar Zaman, CEO of Sigma Properties:

Mr Mudasar Zaman is a representative of the executive staff at Mir General Contracting Company. He began his professional career in the real estate sector as a property investor in 2007. Mudasar continued to be an investor through 2014. Throughout this time, he built the groundwork for the real estate industry. He is a specialist with experience working with worldwide corporations in a high-pressure environment, which has improved his economic sense, speculating, and predicting talents. He can use these skills to make various judgments that result in predictable cash flows & monetary gain for investors.


  • Managing real estate

Depending on the client’s requirements and their business experience and expertise, they will propose the most suitable bargain on the market for the client. Their clients receive the best guidance from Sigma Properties when it comes to their property problems. Thanks to their business research and know-how competence, they provide you with the best accessible options based on your budget. Their market knowledge allows us to understand your needs better and provide appropriate assistance.

  • Professional Services:

They provide expert services, such as performing legal work throughout the process to ensure that transaction seals are obtained fast. Their team at Sigma Properties will work with you to identify the ideal property and close the deal. To spare you time and hassle, they handle all of the paperwork proceedings for you. At the same time, they educate their clientele on the documentation to be entirely satisfied with the process. They are always available at Sigma Properties to address any queries you may have.

  • Free consultation

Sigma Properties and Marketing provide free consultations to their loyal customers. Their professional staff would gladly help you with your potential investments and opportunities at no cost to you.

  • Marketing:

Reaching many clients via cutting-edge marketing tactics such as e-media and web-based channels for mass media is one of their specialities. Sigma Properties has terrific marketing strategies and approaches that will help your company rise to the top. Their qualified team can assist you in improving sales and boosting leads. Sigma Properties’ specialists are experts at locating and marketing your properties using the most up-to-date technology and advanced procedures.


While it is critical to make a high return on investment for clients and investors, they never compromise a property’s architectural originality. As a result, they take finest care to retain its distinctiveness. Their efforts are focused on transforming these historic landmarks into completely operational assets that have a genuinely beneficial arrangement with their contemporary surroundings to continue to exist in the future.

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