They say never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your business, curb appeal matters. Studies have shown that 95% of individuals say a store’s external appearance has an effect on whether or not they decide to shop there.

If you want to make a great first impression on potential customers, it’s time to start thinking about curb appeal ideas for your business. In this article, we’ll cover some simple ways you can transform your space.

Freshen Up The Exterior

Sometimes exteriors accumulate grime that makes your storefront look dull or dirty. This is an easy fix with simple commercial building maintenance. Use a pressure washer to clean off grime and brighten the exterior.

If things still look dull, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into the look of your business. Adding a pop of color with trim work can be a fun way to attract attention and modernize the exterior.

Prioritize Landscaping

While there isn’t always space for elaborate landscaping with commercial properties, even adding some potted plants or hanging flowers can work wonders for your exterior.

If you have areas with grass or bushes, make sure they are well-maintained with regular watering, trimming, and removal of anything dying. Freshen up the existing landscape with new mulch and keep weeds at bay.

Consider Your Signage

Signs are often one of the first things customers notice. If signage appears dull or outdated, consider investing in updated signage that represents your brand aesthetic and draws people in.

Is signage in good shape? Give it a pressure wash to have it looking good as new.

Update Lighting

If you want your business to look great both day and night, updated lighting is a must. There are several ways to improve your lighting, such as backlighting for signage, exterior lights, and street lights for your parking lot. 

Keep Things Clean

If you want your business to look amazing both day and night, having updated lighting is a must. Backlighting for signage, exterior lights, and street lights for your parking lot are all simple ways to improve lighting.

Don’t Forget the Parking Lot

A smooth, clean parking lot provides a positive experience for potential customers right from the start and is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal. Make sure your parking lot is free of potholes or cracks by performing regular maintenance and filling in areas that need repair.

It’s also important to have bright parking spots with clearly defined spaces. If your stripes look faded, hire a parking lot striping company at

Brighten Up Your Business With More Curb Appeal

Taking the time to improve curb appeal for your business will not only breathe new life into the exterior but attract more customers. Even if you don’t have much space outside, minor changes can still make a major impact.

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By Manali