Explaining videos have become quite popular today due to the several benefits they offer to their customers. They’re short, straightforward, and highlight the true benefits of your products. Yet, many companies do it wrong due to the lack of knowledge. 

If you wish to create the perfect explaining videos, you need to know how to write its script, work on the audio and video, and launch the final piece. Now, you can do all the technical stuff like if you visit Promo.com, a video maker online. But, if you want to know how to get started, read on!

What Are Explaining Videos?

Explaining videos or explanation videos basically stand for a marketing video type. In this type of video, brands or manufacturers demonstrate how their products work and benefit their customers.  

You will find explaining videos for various purposes. For instance, if you visit a website, they may show a demo of how it works. Similarly, many brands today come up with exciting explaining videos for their products to show their audiences how they work. 

Therefore, if you can create the perfect explaining video, you can reach out to your audience in an extremely helpful way. 

How to Create and Improve Your Explaining Videos?

If you are planning to create and improve your explaining videos, we have got some essential tips for you. 

Step 1: Truly Focus On Your Script

Videos aren’t just about the visual stuff, they are also about the script. Therefore, before you discuss the technical details of the video, focus more on the script. 

According to Neil Patel, it’s best to have an outsider write a script for you. Do you know why? It is because your explaining video will have a fresh perspective, rather than just your company’s.  This way, you can reach out to common people more easily. 

We also suggest having brainstorming sessions with your team, so you can come up with creative ideas and include those in your script easily.

In all, use your words as a weapon to reach out to your audience. Once you have the right script, you can use a video maker online to implement it easily.

Step 2: Keep Your Video Short and Sweet

Whenever you are planning your video, go ahead with one motto – keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind that people watch explaining videos to avoid wasting their time reading everything in detail. Therefore, you need to be concise and straightforward. 

For instance, experts suggest having 150 words per minute. Hence, you might need to amp up your speaking speed to achieve this target. So, always try to achieve more in less time. 

Step 3: Focus On What The Product Can Offer The Customers

One aspect in explaining videos where there is a huge possibility of going wrong is the actual content. 

Ensure that you always highlight the benefits of your product or service, instead of its features. Your potential customers care more about how a product can benefit them, instead of caring about the complicated features. 

You can use a video maker online to make your product’s benefits stand out properly. 

Step 4: Opt For Professional Voiceover

If you have watched explaining videos before, you may have seen one thing in common. All of them use a crisp, clear, and professional voiceover. If you want to reach your audience, you need to be straightforward with them. Therefore, using informal speech or ‘fluff’ may ruin the entire point of your explaining video.

You can consider finding a professional talent as that would reflect on your video’s quality. Also, make sure that once you have the recorded audio, you sync it well with the video content. You wouldn’t want to confuse your potential customers, instead of giving them more clarity!

Step 5: Go For Simple Visuals Over Extravagant Ones

Are you considering using extravagant graphics for your video? Well, you might want to reconsider this option. 

When it comes to explaining videos, you need to be as clear as possible. Hence, you might confuse and distract people if you are using too many complex graphics in your video. Your end goal should be to have something creative, yet simple. 

Step 6: Add Some Subtle Music 

Music always sets the mood, even in the case of explaining videos. It can keep your viewers hooked to the video easily. 

Again, we suggest opting for mellow music in most cases. If your music is too upbeat, it may take the focus away from the key point of your explaining video. 

Thankfully, a video maker online, like Promo, consists of several free tunes. You can also opt for the premium subscription if you require new music tunes and various other features.

Step 7: Launch The Explaining Video Right!

What are you supposed to do after you are done preparing a fabulous explaining video? There are mainly three steps involved here:

  • Choose a Video Host

You need to find and choose a video host that can promote your explaining videos throughout the Internet. 

  • Market Your Video Well

Along with video creation, you also need to come up with an effective marketing strategy. After all, you wouldn’t want your explaining videos to get lost in a sea of other such videos. 

You can market the video by promoting it via your social media channels, website, newsletter, and many more. 

  • Upload the Video On Your Website

Finally, don’t forget to integrate your explaining video on your company’s website’s homepage. This way, whenever you have a potential customer visiting your website, they can directly understand your product’s benefits. 

Final Thoughts

Explaining videos has become the essence of an effective video marketing strategy. They can help companies market their products well. Additionally, they can also help customers learn more about the product they’re planning to buy.

All you need to do is know what explaining videos are, focus on creating them properly (pro tip: use a video maker online), and market them well enough to reach your audience base.

By Manali