Are you stuck in a content rut? Have you written the same article three times for three different blogs, but it never gets any more engagement than the first time? You’re not alone. Many bloggers are struggling to find new ways of generating traffic and interest in their posts. The solution is simple: repurpose content! You can turn your post into something fresh and engaging for your audience with just a little bit of editing.

Work With Evergreen Content

Your blog posts may be old, but you still have an opportunity to generate new leads by turning them into a toolkit. A guide is excellent for presenting your older articles and making them more accessible; however, if the idea of repurposing content excites you, then consider generating tools that can aid with specific tasks or challenges within businesses. Repurpose content quickly enough, even without having any design experience.

You can use a toolkit to help you with all of your copywriting needs. You could make one that is just old blog posts and templates or even instructional videos. The information in these toolkits is up to date, and they can be used as lead magnets. You’ll want to watch out for updates because otherwise, there would not be much value that your audience gets from them.

Turn Video Into Audio

Ever wonder how to repurpose content of your webinar? Well, one way is turning it into an exciting podcast episode for the people who speak perfect English. There are many ways you can do this- some examples include recording interviews with industry experts or giving live presentations at events!

Why rely on YouTube when you can have all of your content in one place? A podcast is perfect for covering topics that are too lengthy or complex. Every episode also provides fresh insights because listeners may only listen while commuting home from work – they’re not likely to stay up late starting their day.

Make Infographics

The way we consume information is changing, and the formats have to change as well. Once a simple blog post with analytics data on them, blog posts have turned into something more technical than ever before because of all their graphs and charts – making them hard for people like me (a non-technical person) to read without any help from you! Consider turning those old articles or guides into infographics instead if this sounds familiar; they’re just as informative but easier on my eyes, thanks to large images included in each point illustration.

Choosing an infographic for content repurposing can help you boost your SEO. The statistics show that infographics are the most effective type of data visualization, with 12% more traffic than any other form. Because they’re unique, and often not many brands invest in them, others will do it instead, which gives their websites organic referrals from external sources like social media shares or emails containing links where people share what they find when clicking on them. It happens due to this re-sharing behavior happening organically online through various channels (which also helps build trust).

Write an Ebook

One more content repurposing idea we can talk about today is creating eBooks out of blog articles. An eBook may consist of visuals that illustrate a particular topic; in marketing, they’re used to educate your target audience and generate leads for you.

HubSpot knows how to repurpose content and use it as a lead magnet. In addition, these eBooks cover all of the most popular topics on their blog with great educational value.

Work on Content Repurpose More

There’s a good saying – all things new are well-forgotten old. The content can have a new life if it still has plenty of shots in the locker! Your task is to recognize your potential for turning out reusable pieces and put them into practice by making toolkits from past blog posts, emailing timeless resources as neatly packaged tips, giving presentations using slideshows or videos instead of Powerpoint decks.

Many bloggers find that the data they collect for their blog posts is too heavy and difficult to get without breaking it down into charts or graphs; if this sounds like you, consider turning some of your posts into an infographic.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to know how to take the next step if you’ve done your research and followed the best practices for content marketing. One strategy is to repurpose your content by creating new pieces based on or related to what has already been published. The key here is not just about getting more leads; high-quality CR (click rates) will ultimately lead to higher ROI in both short-term and long-term campaigns. Contact our team today to learn more about this process of content marketing!

By Manali