If you have your heart set on a custom-made diamond ring, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t as hard to get one as you might think. If you know where to go, it’s surprisingly simple to order from one of the many diamond jewelers in Dubai, whether it’s a vintage setting or something entirely new and modern, and in some cases, you might even be able to design your own unique ring by hand. 

Here are seven ways to get the custom diamond ring of your dreams.

Decide on your diamond shape

Shape is a big deal when it comes to diamond jewelry. If you aren’t sure what type of shape is best for your custom diamond ring, take some time and look at different styles online. Browse Etsy or Pinterest pages that feature beautiful custom diamond rings—you may be surprised by how easy it is to find inspiration in jewelry that doesn’t quite match your own tastes.

Once you have an idea of what shape you want, keep these things in mind: Round: The most common shape of custom diamond rings, round diamonds have many well-known looks; they can appear vintage or modern depending on other elements of their design.

Choose your metal

If you’re in Dubai and searching for custom diamond rings, it’s important to know what metals are available and their pros and cons. These include white gold, yellow gold, palladium, platinum and silver. Each metal has its own benefits — White Gold is incredibly hard, so it can be difficult to scratch. Palladium is very rare, but also relatively affordable when compared with platinum or palladium rings.

Platinum is one of the most valuable metals on earth, so it will likely cost more than other options; however, many people love its brilliant color and lustrous shine. Silver is another precious metal that shines brilliantly when polished; however, unlike platinum and palladium, it’s not as uncommon nor does it carry as much value as some of these other materials.

When choosing your ring metal, you’ll want to consider both your budget and long-term preferences before making a decision (for example: Do you really want a ring made out of precious metal? Or do you just like how they look?). A custom diamond ring should last forever — make sure to choose a material that fits into your larger life plan!

Make decisions about your ring shank

Consider several factors, such as your ring size and budget, when deciding on whether you want a platinum or gold shank. Shanks are generally made of pure metals like platinum or 14-karat gold, which have different color and price points.

Platinum is more popular for diamond rings because it matches well with white diamonds. Gold is used for other colored gemstones (i.e., sapphires, rubies and emeralds).

You’ll also need to decide if you want an engraved or plain band—or both—and if you want custom designs on your shank. Because each type of metal has its own properties, they react differently with diamonds and other precious stones to create unique effects that you won’t find in store-bought rings.

Diamond cut

In Dubai, custom diamond rings are easy to find. But if you want something really unique and affordable, it’s best to have your jeweler create it for you. This can be done in several ways: by making your own ring design using CAD software, by using a CAD template (which is basically an existing design modified to fit your ring size), or by having a jeweler use an existing design (like one of those floating around on Pinterest).

These first two options may not be optimal unless you’re planning on spending less than $3,000 USD; anything over that price and it’s probably best to get custom design plans done. This usually starts at $5,000 USD depending on how complex and intricately designed you want your ring.

Brilliance of the diamond

It’s not just tradition that makes diamond engagement rings sparkle so spectacularly—it’s also because of their setting. Engagement rings are usually surrounded by tiny diamonds or intricate details, but you can customize your ring with other material as well.

For example, some couples like to have their engagement rings set in gold and encrusted with precious gems; if you like bling and gemstones, Dubai is one of those places where you can find something for every taste.

Even if you aren’t getting engaged any time soon (or ever), there are plenty of other fun ways to use custom Dubai-set jewelry. Just take anything else you might normally wear and add something special around it: necklaces, bracelets and more!

The setting of the stone

A ring is much more than just gold, silver, or gemstones. It’s also about how your stone is set. For example, if you have a unique stone that doesn’t match existing settings in your collection (or local mall), you’ll have to get it cut and polished again.

If you opt for store-bought jewelry, though, choose one with screw-on mountings—these are cheaper and can be resized or replaced with less hassle than prongs or soldered mounts. And remember: The most expensive setting won’t do any good if it’s paired with an impostor diamond! Ask to see paperwork verifying that your rock comes straight from Mother Nature before dropping hundreds of dollars on something shiny.

That said, even real diamonds come cheap these days; expect to pay around $40 per carat (usually more for larger stones). As long as it’s well within a normal range, you’re probably safe. Remember: You don’t need flashy diamonds for fancy engagement rings—simply choosing a beautiful stone over one of inferior quality will elevate your ring far above other engagement rings (as well as standard bling) almost instantly. You might even make extra friends by giving away some free rocks . . . Of course, you can always go overboard with the whole adornment thing if budget allows!

Diamond color

There is not one best diamond color for all situations. In fact, white diamonds are usually preferred for engagement rings. However, if you are trying to coordinate with other gemstones in your ring, it may be wise to consider colored diamonds instead of going with white diamonds.

For example, emeralds tend to go better with blue or green diamond colors while ruby and sapphire go well with pink and red shades. If you want something more traditional or understated, stick with white diamonds. But if you’re looking for something unique and fancy enough to impress your fiancé-to-be (and your friends), try out some exotic diamond colors instead!


Buying diamonds is not as easy as it seems; there are rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to make sure you get what you pay for. You might have heard that a diamond is forever, but if you aren’t careful, your precious rock could turn out less than forever.

Your custom-made ring will last you far longer than an off-the-shelf option anyway; why would you want one that was quickly made? And don’t be afraid to negotiate either! Some jewelers even offer custom jewelry at significantly lower prices because it helps fill their inventory quicker—and because many still want to earn more money off of each sale.

By Manali