Tanning Salon

You are enveloped in a golden hue. You love your shade – so mesmerizing! Now comes the most important part – to maintain the lovely tan. It isn’t hard; you just need to remember a few things. 

One of the advantages of getting a tan at the Boca Raton tanning salon is that the experts guide you in every step of the tanning session. They will also give you tips on maintaining your tan for longer. 

Read on to get an idea of what you must do and not do after a tanning session. 

Immediately after the tan

A spray tanning session generally takes 10 minutes, or a maximum of 20 minutes, not more than that. After that, you must let the solution dry on your skin. Be as you are for a while. 

Once the tan dries, put on loose clothing, preferably in dark colors. Wear flip-flops instead of shoes. If you have undergone nude tanning, then avoid wearing your bra and panties immediately after the session. 

Avoid carrying a big bag or heavy purse on your shoulders. Anything that comes in tight contact with your skin will disturb the fresh tan. Just be as free as possible. You might want to have a friend accompany you, in case you must carry things. 

Before you step outside the tanning salon, the experts would fill you up with details of what to do and what not to do in the first eight hours of getting a tan. Please heed the instructions to carry a long-lasting lovely shade on your skin. 

Getting home after a tan

You are home and you are excited. You want to show off your beautiful bronze skin. Wait! Not so soon. Let your skin adjust to the tan. Experts advise you to stay indoors and relax for the first 8 hours. Doing any form of strenuous activity will make you sweat, which will make your tan run down. 

Give your skin time to absorb the colorfully. 

Do not shower when you get home. It’s best to shower the next day or keep a gap of 8 hours. 

Before plopping on the couch, spread a dark color sheet to avoid any color residue spoiling your couch. 

For the next 8 hours, simply relax and enjoy your new look. Refrain from any activity that might smear or rub your tan solution against your skin. You just need to let your skin be. 

Now is the time to finish off that book or watch your favorite show. Brew some coffee and sip, as you admire the enchanting golden glow on your skin. 

Indeed, a tanning session is a complete pamper for 8 hours straight! 

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Taking your first shower after tan

After 8 hours, you can take a quick warm shower. Not hot. No staying in the bathtub. Gently wash your skin. Do not exfoliate. Pat dry. Moisturize well. 

Bring out your favorite dress and get ready to stun the world with your golden charm. 

By Manali