Bed bugs can be extremely annoying pests to deal with. If you are reading this, you have probably found some in your room and are wondering how to stop the spread. The truth is that these bugs can multiply in number before you know it and spread to the other rooms. This is neither safe for you nor your family, especially your children. 

You cannot stop bed bugs from spreading to other parts of your house without actually removing them from the original room itself. These pests will do anything to hunt for their food, which is human blood. However, there are several ways you can stop bed bugs from entering your house. One of them is hiring Pointe Pest Control

How to prevent bed bugs from entering your room 

  1. Declutter. 

You might be confused about what clutter has to do with bed bugs. Bed bugs are always looking for places to hide and seek shelter. They hide from humans during the date and only come out at night to suck your blood when you are asleep. If you keep your place messy and collect clutter, you provide them with a home. 

The first thing you should do when you discover bugs in your place is to declutter. If you have books, clothes, or boxes lying around, organize and clean them as much as possible. 

  1. Stay away from second-hand furniture. 

You might want to opt for second-hand furniture since it is cheaper. After all, nobody wants to pay the full price when you can get the same thing in half. However, you should only choose to buy second-hand furniture from a reputable dealer because they are the breeding grounds for bed bugs. 

You might accidentally bring furniture that already has bugs in it. You may think you can spot them on the piece of furniture before buying it, but do not forget that they are good at hiding. They can get inside your home without you even knowing it. 

  1. Wash your bedding sheets. 

You should regularly wash your bedding sheets because that is where you will find a lot of bed bugs. When you wash your sheets, use high-temperature water and a dryer. This is because bed bugs and their eggs cannot stand the heat and die off. 

  1. Vacuum every day. 

Keeping your room clean and vacuuming every day can prevent the spread of bed bugs to other rooms if they have already entered your house. Try focusing on their common hiding places, such as seams of chairs, drawer joints, electricals, loose wallpaper, wall hangings, etc. 

By Manali