The first place that you will start with when you want to learn piano is knowing how to read the notes. It’s of immense importance that you know how to read the piano notes because this affects how you move forward with your piano lessons.

Middle C

This is the place that acts as a reference point in the keyboard and C is the white key which is positioned directly to the left side of the group that is composed of 2 black keys. But remember that in a keyboard, there will always be more than one C.

White notes (also known as natural notes)

All white notes the alphabet’s first 7 letters. These letters are C D E F G, then A B C. The group of 7 white keys from C to B, with the black –keys that are between is referred to as Octave and this pattern gets repeated on the piano. While using the black keys as a reference, you can easily locate the F note to the left side after three black keys.

Black notes (popularly known as accidental notes)

The black keys on a piano are put in groups of twos and threes and the names which they have are based on the white keys that are positioned near them and the Flat (b) symbols or the Sharp (#) symbol. A Sharp tells you to move forward to the next key by half a step, while Flat means that you go down. So the black which is above D becomes the D Sharp, while the black key that is below D becomes your D flat.

Every black key that you see on your piano keyboard may have two different names, the flat names and the sharp names. It’s of immense importance that you remember them because all those names are used in music. Take for instance the key that comes first in the group of two keys is referred to as Db or C#. At this point, you are good to go and play your first song.

Why you should hire a music teacher

When starting to learn how to read piano keys and sheets, you should hire a piano teacher. An experienced piano teacher who is knowledgeable about how a piano is played helps a lot because they ensure you are motivated. Without the guidance that a teacher offers, you will wander, get frustrated and when things get tough, you may stop learning.  A good teacher can push you way beyond your limits and even during those difficult periods will find a way of helping you push through.

A teacher offers lessons beyond music. They will teach you many things that include self-discipline and also assist you to understand the value of hard work. It takes a disciplined person to sit down with a teacher to practice online or face to face than to go and hang out with friends. A teacher also helps you to build a strong character, which helps you be a better person in the future.

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