Do you dare to undertake some of the best strategy games on PC to play this year? War, military, politics, squads, in one word: strategy. Then get ready to push your limits while you enjoy playing the games on the list we have made for you. Here, we have compiled the best strategy games that will represent a huge challenge, however you can give them a go whether you are a newcomer or consider yourself an expert. One thing is for sure: if you like adventure, you should definitely explore this genre and test what a great leader you are.

10. Crusader Kings III

If you are keen to enjoy a great story-telling, often hilarious game, this is a super entertaining option for you. It will be necessary to take advantage of your military potential, available economic resources, political and religious leadership, and much more, in order to succeed at building your dynasty.

9. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

This is hands down an incredible game created in the context of aerospace, which takes you deep down  into the First Cylon war, where you will have to endure authentic 3D wars.

8. StarCraft II

If you like to show your high performance under pressure, then you will have a great time taking fast decisions while attempting to collect resources, create your squad and defeat your opponents before they kill you.

7. Europa Universalis IV

This is an amazing and fun game contextualized in the mid 15th century and your task will be to be the head of your state through many centuries of troublesome historic events.

6. Starcraft 2

An iconic star of the Real-Time Strategy (RTS), this game will take you to a huge war across the galaxy composed of only three compelling races. You can either play it on your PC or Mac.

5. Supreme Commander

When it comes to getting a deep and impressive experience, this video-game is no disappointment, as it lets you experience an epic real-time strategy adventure, based on an infinite war

4. Total War: Three Kingdoms

A simulated reality fueled with superhuman warriors, this entertaining game is based on the Chinese civil war, and it is one of our all-time favorites.

3. Old World

 It will demand you to pay attention to people as well as empires. There is the chance to simulate a real life where you can get married, have offspring and later die.

2. Sins of a Solar Empire

This game is situated on the galactic as part of a sci-fi saga, where you will have to achieve the ultimate supremacy, the challenge is to battle for the survival of your whole race. You can play it on your PC for a fee.

1. Politics & War

Considered by many the best online strategy game and our top pick to spend a fun time battling with your friends and strangers. This is not your typical video-game but if you love the adrenaline of creating and leading your own nation, even with all the trials and consequences of your decisions, you should spend some time exploring the adventure offered for free by this game.

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