Although selecting a cot mattress may appear to be a tedious procedure, it is one that requires careful attention. The mattress is just as vital as the cot, so choose the greatest one you can. For one thing, your kid will spend up to 18 hours every day in their cot. Make sure the mattress fits correctly in the cot you’ve chosen, with no gaps that might pose safety risks for your infant. Furthermore, the mattress should be firm. A soft one can mold to the contour of your baby’s head or face, increasing the danger of suffocation or even SIDS. Going through the various available options at the best mattress store in Roanoke can be a great starting point for you as well.

Safety Standards

Because safety is crucial when picking a cot bed mattress, federal rules have regulated the dimensions of full-size cots and mattresses. This makes it simple to purchase the two items individually without having to worry about fit. These rules are in place to avoid inadvertent head entanglement and asphyxia between the mattress and the cot sides. Non-full-size cribs, on the other hand, are exempt from this requirement. As a result, products must be sold with the mattress included by law. Even if a mattress fits inside the cot you pick, you should only use it if it is a cot mattress built expressly for it.

Optimum Mattress Size For A Cot Bed

A full-size cot mattress should be at least 27 1/4 inches broad, 51 1/4 inches long, and six inches thick. A full-size cot with an inside width of 27 3/8 inches to 28 5/8 inches and an interior length of 51 3/4 inches to 53 inches can securely fit a conventional cot mattress with these measurements. Both the retail box and the assembly instructions must specify these measurements, as well as the mattress. Mattresses for non-standard cots can be any size, but they must fulfill non-full-size cot specifications, and all non-full-size cots must be offered with a mattress.

Cot Mattress Types

There are three primary varieties of mattress that you may come across on the basis of construction material as:

  • Spring Mattress – Spring mattresses are usually of higher quality and specification. They are often more sturdy and long-lasting, and they provide additional support for your child.
  • Foam Mattress – Foam mattresses are often less expensive than spring mattresses and are relatively light and portable. They are also sturdy and supportive, making them great for growing children.
  • Foam-Free Mattress – Foam-free cot mattresses are typically odor-free since they are created with fewer man-made ingredients and fewer chemical treatments during the manufacturing process. To keep your infant cool throughout the night, they may include more breathable contents like wool, cotton, or polyester.

Each variety has advantages, but select the one that you believe is the greatest fit for your infant. Some parents choose a foam kids mattress for the first few months before upgrading to a spring mattress later. You can make this switch when transitioning from a cot or basket to a bigger cot bed. If you can’t seem to decide between foam or a spring mattress, this might be a good alternative.

Purchase Cost

A higher price tag does not always imply higher quality; you may be paying for extra features you don’t need. Because certain manufacturers have been producing cot mattresses for so long and have completed so many quality checks, even the cheapest mattress may be the best. Although the lower-cost mattresses may not have as many features, they have been thoroughly evaluated for kid safety. While you don’t want to scrimp on quality when purchasing a cot mattress, you also don’t want to spend your whole nursery budget.

Other Things To Consider

  • Firmness – Firm mattresses are often preferable to too soft beds for newborns. In fact, the firmer the foundation, the better. For newborns, soft sleeping surfaces might be a suffocation concern. You can press on the mattress in the middle and at the edges to determine the firmness. It should snap back into place as soon as released.
  • Non-Toxic – Because a newborn will spend over half of their first year on this mattress, it should be as safe and healthful as possible. Invest in a mattress that is as organic as feasible if your budget permits. Look for qualifications such as GOTS or GOLS.
  • Usage Style – Some cot mattresses are reversible, having one side for newborns and one for toddlers that is somewhat less hard and more cushioned. These mattresses are commonly referred to as “two-stage,” and they are clearly labeled so you know which side to use when. After the baby’s first year, it could be a good idea to turn the mattress from the baby to the toddler side.

Read what other parents have to say about the mattresses they’ve bought on the internet. Then go to a few places to get a sense of the many models available. It’s just a cot bed mattress, but you must consider all safety factors and comfort for your child.

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