If you have newly entered the field of SEO, understanding link building can prove rather tricky. At its core, Link Building is about getting other websites to link back to your web pages. Similar to other SEO techniques, its purpose is to generate more traffic and rise higher on Google search rankings. 

In simpler terms, you can dissect link building into two basic steps:

  1. Creating content that is notable, hence worthy of sharing as a link. 
  2. Showing it to website owners and convince them to link it.

What is so important about link building?

According to Google’s development manager, Andrey Lipattsev, links are among the 3 major website ranking factors. Therefore, it is apparent that if you want your pages to rank higher, then links are integral. 

Google or other search engines perceive external links as votes. It helps them identify which page, on a particular topic, deserves to rank among the top search results. As a rule, the more backlinks are directed to a site, the more it tends to rank better. A study conducted by our SEO experts at Executive CV Writing revealed a strong connection between search traffic and the number of website links directing to a webpage. 

However, also keep in mind that depending on all your hopes on this one strategy is not enough. SEO is a multifaceted area of expertise that needs several variables to work in your favor. A strategy that yields amazing outcomes might cease to be fruitful at one point. This is why you must learn to adapt and adjust your strategies accordingly apart from becoming a link-building expert.

The process of link building

To understand them better, link building methods and tactics can be divided into four categories:

  1. Adding – Manual addition of links to websites. 
  2. Asking – Directly contacting website owners to ask.
  3. Buying – Exchanging links for money. 
  4. Earning – Getting organic links from visitors on your page.

Read ahead for a detailed description of each step. 

Adding links

If you go to someone else’s website and manually place your link that is known as adding a link. There are some common tactics which are used for it such as:

  • Creating social profiles 
  • Submitting business directories
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Posting on communities, forums, Q&A websites
  • Job search listings

As per the expert best CV writing service company it is quite easy to build links via these tactics. Now that is the precise link that makes them of least value to Google. Sometimes, they fall under the category of spam. They barely allow you an upper hand over your competitors. But it is also folly to entirely ignore this tactic as it does contribute to the bigger picture.

Asking for links 

This step consists of getting in touch with the owner of websites from whom you want a link. Be warned beforehand that you must first spend some time coming up with compelling reasons to convince them. This is an absolute must if you want to reach anywhere with this strategy. 

Whether individuals or organizations, they will not be interested in linking your webpage unless you provide them an incentive. Following are ways through which you can convince them:

  • Skyscraper technique – Present a better resource than one they are currently linking. 
  • Ego bait – Mentioning them and information related to them positively on your content.
  • Guest blogs – Create content that is useful for them.
  • Linking inserts – Provide a resource with more information about something mentioned briefly by them.
  • Case studies and testimonials – Give favorable reviews for their services or products. 
  • Resource page link building – Come up with a resource that suits their present list.
  • Image link building – Ask for credit upon usage of your images. 
  • Broken link building – Help them fix any dead links on their web page.
  • Link moves – Inquire about making an alteration to existing link. 
  • Unlinked mentions – Ask for a clickable mention of your brand. 
  • PR – Give them an incredible and unique story to use.
  • Journalist requests and HARO – Provide an expert quote for an article of theirs.

Now, these methods all seem pretty promising, but merely suggesting them is unlikely to receive the desired response. They will actually take effect when you have a page that is genuinely exceptional. Content that is distinct, creative, and credible enough for them to want to link it. These are attributes that will help your page to avoid rejection because of its current obscurity.

Buying links

A word to the wise: buying links is a tactic that is best left alone. You tend to waste a considerable amount of money on useless links that won’t impact your rankings at all. And in a worst-case scenario, your website can get penalized.

The purpose of mentioning this strategy here was to disclose all the techniques being used in the market. Being unaware of the places you at a disadvantage from your competitors in the market. As many people practice this tactic and manage to succeed. But it is a risky and unethical method that can get you in trouble sooner or later.

Earning links

When other websites link to your web pages without asking or convincing it is known as earning links. This only happens if you have outstanding material that website owners truly value and find worth mentioning.

But people also cannot link to pages that they do not know about. So, you must spend time, effort, and finances in promoting your website. The more people are familiar with it, the better chances there are for getting links organically. These are a few things you can apply:

  • Linkable assets or Linkbait – Infographics, surveys, data studies, maps, or awards. 
  • Content promoting
  • Expert roundups, podcasts, interviews.

We know that for established businesses with a constant influx of post-worthy content link earning is easier. But even as a beginner you can create incredible, valuable material on a small budget that attracts organic links. You just need to genuinely devote yourself to coming up with brilliant ideas that are executed in an exemplary way.


Researching competitors’ links is a fundamental foundation of link building. By studying the top rank page on search engines, you can discover the tactics used by them. This will enable you to outrank the page by applying the same or opposing tactics.

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