The past two years have seen a rapid increase in the demand for good educators following the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Schools having been shut down, students have been facing an uphill task when it came to completing their studies. It is at this juncture that there has been a gradual rise in both popularity and demand when it came to online classes. Educators are trying their best to make these classes similar to what students generally used to have back in an actual classroom. The quality of teaching provided by these online classes are similar to what was provided in an actual classroom. In fact there have been many schools that have started to use this method until the Covod 19 completely subsides and students can safely come back to school.

The ease of use of online classes has also prompted a lot of other educators to come forward and start their own batches making it easier for the students to attend these classes without any hassles. One of the many advantages that online classes provide is that of flexibility, where a student has the choice to attend the classes when they want to. Today, most online classes are recorded which helps provide the students with ease of access and further enhances the role of flexibility. Even if the student, say, misses a class due to some issues, the person has the option of going through the class and managing their lessons. The presence of such a facility makes it easier for students to favor online classes more than normal classroom teaching. This has been evident in the way many schools across the country have taken up online classrooms to teach students from the comfort of their homes. Considering the safety aspect of the present situation, it can be stated that online classes are the future of education.

Furthermore, the beauty of online classes is that it helps provide knowledge and information to individuals of all sizes and ages. Today, from school students to college professionals, everyone has an option to avail the various courses available online and take classes to enhance their knowledge. There are numerous options of classes available on the internet which range from subjects of science to management, each class working on teaching some specific content. There are also online classes that teach skills to their students, such as that of hard skills and soft skills. There are also classes which work towards providing knowledge to their students on different software such as that of Java and Python. The ease of access to these educators makes it easier for individuals to access these classrooms at a very nominal fee and brush up on their knowledge. Therefore, it can be stated that online classes today play a significant role when it comes to advancing the career of professional individuals. It provides them with the opportunity of juggling both their education and professional lives with ease and gathering knowledge.

However, it should also be noted that the educators too have a significant role to play when it comes to teaching these online classes and providing their students with knowledge. These educators work hard to develop lecture notes and help provide their students with comprehensive knowledge about the topic. In the case of professional courses, these educators are required to teach their classroom about a specific topic in very limited time which makes the effort of these educators all the more commendable. However, when it comes to school students these educators have to pay attention to the school curriculum and develop lessons accordingly. Thus, the level of versatility which is practiced by these educators shows their dedication to their craft and thus raises the quality of online classrooms.

These educators are also responsible to ensure that each of its students are provided with care and all their doubts are cleared. This has also been made possible in these classrooms through the presence of various technologies where students have the option of clearing their doubts through one-on-one sessions with the educators, something which is difficult to be found in an offline classroom. Henec, it can be stated that the benefits present with online classes are the reason for its popularity.

By Manali

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