Kalaka povathu yaru Season 5 grand finale is all set for July 17th, 2016 at 2 pm. The show has been well received by the audience, as the Grand Finale took place for the first time ever in the midst of 5000 people at CARE College, Thayanoor Village, Tiruchirappalli.

In all five seasons of Kalakka povathu yaaru, the show has been a huge success. From the very beginning, the show has showcased great talents. The actor Siva Karthikeyan started his career as a standup comedian in the Show and won the title as well. The finale of Kalakka povathu yaru 5 gave him the spotlight and fortunately, it was held in his home town of Trichy. In addition to his family, Sivakarthikeyan also attended the event. In addition, he captivated the audience by mimicking the recent popular dialogue from the movie Kabali teaser. In addition to Robo Shankar, another notable personality who began his career in television and stepped into the silver screen is also receiving praise for his performances as a comedian. In addition to encouraging and supporting the contestants, he was also seen enjoying the show.

In the grand finale, actors Thadi Balaji, Mimicry Sethu, Mahesh, and Priyanka Deshpandey judged the event. Their hilarious performances entertained the crowd as well.

As a result of the hard work the contestants have put into entertaining the judges and the audience for a year, Mullai, Kodhandam, Deena, ‘Aranthangi’ Nisha, Sathish, Naveen, and Mohamed Kuraishi were selected to reach the Grand Finale. Your funny bone will be tickled by every hilarious act performed by the finalist during the finale. As a result of his outstanding performance, Mohammed Kuraishi won the title Kalakka povathu yaru 5 and walked away with the cash prize. The only female contestant to reach the finale was Nisha Aranthangi, who won the runner-up title and prize money.

The anchors Rakshan and Jacquline captured the audience’s attention with their witty remarks and presence of mind.

Following an overwhelming response and successful season 5, the team is now gearing up for the next season of Kalakka Povathu Yaru 6.

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Telegram: Kalakka Povathu Yaaru season 5 free download

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Upon completion of the download process, your device will save the downloaded file to its internal storage. This is how you can download Kalakka povathu yaaru  videos from Telegram.

There is a free online version available on Disney Hotstar where you can watch it. You took the time to read our story, and we are grateful.

By Manali