House of Cards is a web television series about American politics. The novel by Michael Dobbs forms the basis for the show.

House of Cards is set in modern-day Washington, D.C., and tells the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district and the House majority whip. Having been passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, he devises an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power, with support from his loving wife Claire (Robin Wright). There is a significant focus on themes of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, and power throughout the series.

House of cards season 6 episode-by-episode description

Due to her position as the first female president, Claire has been scrutinized and threatened more than ever before. An influential family is trying to influence policy through Annette and Bill Shepherd.

Throughout the conversation, Claire clashes with the Shepherds and Mark Usher, whom she presses to sign the Future Act. Doug surprises everyone with an unexpected move.

Despite Claire’s reservations, the Shepherds push for Claire’s nomination to the Supreme Court. While Doug searches for a new path, a surprise is revealed. Meanwhile, Claire and Jane discuss Syria.

In the midst of a crisis in Syria, Russian President Viktor Petrov wants to make a deal with Claire. Tom Yates’s whereabouts are questioned.

Claire allows her enemies to think she is incapacitated in order to remove her from office. When Doug investigates the matter, he discovers a secret.

Claire makes changes to her staff. Attempts are made to enlist Doug to the Shepherd cause. Meanwhile, Mark is being scrutinized a lot. Jane offers advice to Mark.

Although the Shepherd family attempts to weaken Claire’s influence, Doug continues to advance his political agenda while off the grid.

Claire attempts to damage Frank’s reputation. Following Doug’s release of excerpts from Frank’s diary, Claire releases remarks about Frank in response. There is a growing distance between the Shepherds.

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The House of Cards Season 6 Download includes all episodes 1-8

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3. Open the video in VLC. You should now see subtitles over your video. In that case, make sure the .srt file is named correctly before closing and restarting VLC before playing again.

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