A matting strategy will help your business improve safety, sanitation, and employee health. Your workplace will be more productive if you invest in ergonomic, anti-fatigue mats. You’ll have fewer accidents, better worker posture, and cleaner floors.

Floor mats that are durable and custom-made to your needs can reduce strain on the neck, back, and legs. Anti-fatigue mats also provide cushioning between your feet on a hard floor and the cold. It’s a wise and solid investment to purchase matting for your facility. But what about the next steps? How do you prepare your space and work cells for a successful mat project? Proper planning is the key to success.

Be careful before you dive in. This can increase the chance of tripping hazards and could lead to falls or other injuries.

For all types of floor mat applications, Custom logo door mats are an excellent choice.

Ultimate Mats offers a variety of logo mats. These include Waterhog Logo Mats and Anti Fatigue Logo Mats. We also have Supreme Logo Mats. Here are the facts.

Washing. Wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most mats can be washed with a hose. However, some mats can also be washed in a machine. You can then lay them flat to dry. The type of logo mat you have will determine how to clean it. Most logo mats can simply be vacuumed, hosed off, and dried on a hanger. Professional cleaning services can also be used on plusher mats in order to get rid of dirt and debris that has been trapped beneath the fibers. These methods can be used on any Jet Printed Mats, Carpet Mats, or other mats.

Design. Although we can create the design you choose, it is best to keep it simple. Make sure the words and pictures are simple so that it is easy to understand. Complex designs are visually appealing, but can also make them difficult to read. It’s not easy to find the right balance.

Orientation. Decide if your design will be displayed vertically or horizontally. The design can decide this, or you can choose where to place the mat. You don’t have to make your customer turn 90 degrees in order to read your message if they are standing at the front of the line.

White (blank). Space. Be sure to leave some blank space in your design so it isn’t overly busy. This will give your eyes a break and make it easier for you to understand the message.

Contrast. The contrast between the design/lettering and background is important to make the message stand out. You risk losing a large portion of your target audience, who will not be able to see the message if the contrast is too low. People with vision impairments benefit from high contrast.

Setup. In most cases, there is no charge to set up your design. You will also see the proof before you pull the trigger.

Although logo mats are beautiful, many people don’t know they exist. Instead of using a plain color mat, a logo mat can be used to display your brand and message to the public. Logo mats are available in many colors, so we have options for you. Although they aren’t expensive, logo mats can make your place look elegant.

By Manali