Nick is a free-to-air television channel in Germany, a part of the international Nickelodeon franchise., which launched in 1995 and relaunched in 2005, is based in Berlin. You can watch the channel by subscribing or by receiving the signal unrepealed over the air.

For PC can be accessed at Activation codes can be entered into the Nick Jr program and published by clicking on “Publish“. After that, enter the television service provider’s information. After logging in successfully, will be activated on your smart device.

Devices that can stream

  • On AppleTV
  • Or FireTV
  • Using Google Cast
  • For streaming games on Roku
  • Smart televisions
  • Android
  • IOS

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How to activate on Roku

  • Go to your TV provider’s website and copy the activation code.
  • Visit on another device and open a browser.
  • In the space provided, enter the code and click Continue.
  • You’ll need a password and username from your TV provider to sign in.

Few game shows that you may have forgotten about has aired more family-friendly game shows than most viewers realize. Click here to find out which shows you missed. is best known for its animated television series, including SpongeBob SquarePants and Hey Arnold! , which was popular in the 1990s and 2000s. As well as scripted live-action shows like The Amanda Show, All that, and Kenan & Kel. Over the years, the channel has also aired a number of game shows.

You’re on! :

 As with Impractical Jokers or Candid Camera, you’re on! aired Hidden Camera Game Show in 1998. It involves kid contestants roping in passersby without revealing they are on camera.  

Think Fast: Think Fast ran for 110 episodes beginning in 1989. A team of two kids competes against another to win money through several rounds of play, including the bonus Brain Bend round.

Finders Keepers:

A Nickelodeon game show, Finders Keepers began airing in 1987. On the show’s giant set, one wall is removed from a replica of a house. The contestants have to find pictures hidden within a larger picture on a television.

Make The Grade:

Nickelodeon’s Make the Grade debuted in 1989 and ran for three seasons. There are several categories of trivia questions in the show, such as history, science, and art, at difficulty levels ranging from elementary to 12th grade.

Figure It Out:

Nickelodeon celebrities guessed the unique talent or ability of kid’s contestants on Figure It Out, which first aired in 1997. The celebrities asked the kids questions and attempted to figure out what part of their ability described the kid.

Wild & Crazy Kids:

The Nickelodeon game show Wild & Crazy Kids aired in the early 1990s and featured teams of children competing in modified forms of sports or playground games, such as donkey basketball, three-legged soccer, and tug-of-war.  Wild & Crazy Kids had a high-energy showcase of kids being active and having fun with cool and entertaining games, bringing it back in 2002 as a one-season, ten-episode revival on NickGAS.

By Manali