Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, more commonly known as Osho Rajneesh, founded Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park, Pune, in 1934. Osho Commune International of Pune is also known as this ashram. It spans over 32 acres. With its stunning natural surroundings, the campus offers visitors a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of big cities and crowds of everyday life. Pune’s famous tourist spot has beautiful landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere that attracts visitors.

The resort specializes in yoga and meditation, promising its guests a rejuvenating experience both mentally and physically. Regularly, the center offers programs on stress-free living and spiritual living. Here at the ashram, various meditation techniques, such as Osho Nadabrahma, Osho Kundalini meditation, Osho Nataraj, and Osho dynamic meditation, are taught.

This ashram was established after the death of the spiritual guru Osho to disseminate his teachings and to maintain his legacy. A major center for spiritual growth, Osho Multiversity, offers a wide variety of methods for personal development. Many of these include healing arts, the arts of creation, martial arts, esoteric sciences, zen, sufism, tantra, and many more. Meditation camps are conducted every month on the second Friday of the month. The camps are scheduled to last for three consecutive days.

Many people come here for the spiritual training provided at the ashram, which is why it is also called Spiritual Disneyland. There are a variety of amenities available for the comfort of visitors at this international center, including a sauna, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, etc. Every day in the morning and evening, the gardens are open for visitors.

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