There is a lot written and told about mothers, but fathers are kept shady. We do not talk much about fathers, even on father’s day. But at times we forget that father can be our best friend, supporter and the only person who has our backs all the time. They always have a backup plan for us when we fail.

Father’s are like the sun for the family and kids, we can’t live without them. They protect us, support us, care for us but never expect anything in return. Father’s are very hesitant in showing their emotions, and that’s why we often fail to realise their feelings for us? They always prioritise us before themselves. One should feel fortunate enough if you have a father who keeps you before himself.

Your father will never ask for anything from you, and neither do they expect anything from you. But it’s our responsibility to make them feel special on various occasions and make them feel that they are important to you.

Father’s don’t get much excited about receiving gifts from their kids because they are experts in hiding emotions, but deep inside they feel extremely elated. So why not get them some personalised gifts on their special occasions like father’s day, birthdays or even on some random days?

Wondering what to get as a personalised gift, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here we have listed a few gift items from which you can choose one for your father.


A very essential product for men. You can definitely choose a wallet for your father. To make it personalised, you can engrave his name on it. It will look cool, classy and will be practically useful for him. You can order this birthday gift online too. You can get this wallet for him on father’s day or even on his birthday. You can accompany a card along with the wallet in a beautiful packaging.

Passport Cover

Another very essential item. A passport cover comes handy during travelling. So instead of getting a boring passport cover, you can get a personalised passport cover with your or your name or initials or special date engraved on it. I am sure your father will like it.

Office Organisers

Father’s like gifts which are practically useful rather than a showpiece. An office organiser will help them organise their office stuff easily and will reduce their efforts of cleaning and searching. There are various kinds of office organisers available like a documents organiser, pen holder, magazine holder etc. They can be personalised with names and photographs engraved and printed on them. You can get him this office organiser for his birthday.

Personalised Pen

Pen as a gift sounds cliche, yet it has a separate fanbase even in this digital world. For your father, a pen as a gift will be special because he is from that era where the pen was considered mightier than the sword. A personalised pen with his name or professional details mentioned will make him feel very elated. It is practically useful as well as classy.

Chopping Board

If your father is into cooking and baking, then a personalised chopping board will come handy to him. These days the market is full of variety in chopping boards. You can personalise a chopping board by engraving his name or his birth date or some quotes that are close to his heart. This gift is practically useful as well as looks quite classy when placed in the kitchen.


A personalised hamper with the items that are his favourite and are useful for him will be definitely loved by your father. You can get a hamper like a care hamper which can include shaving cream, bath essentials of his choice and brand that he uses. Also, you can get him hampers like chocolate hamper, cookie hamper, dry fruits hamper etc. There are various types of ready-made hampers available in the market for you to choose from, or you can customise the hamper according to your preferences. You can get this gift on any occasion. These hampers are a valid gift even during the festive season.

You can accompany a bouquet with the hamper. You can order birthday flowers online also from online florists.

I hope you got ideas and inspiration for your father’s special day gifts. Get them something from above and surprise him with the same.

By Manali

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