Life is filled with events, some of which we treasure so dearly and others not so much. However it may be, from birthday parties and weddings of our dear ones to concerts and live shows, anniversary celebrations to conferences, our lives never felt short of events. And adding on events such as sports, charities, corporate meetings, etc to the list, we have scores of events which we often held, some of which are life-changing. So how do these events become so integral to our lives and how do we manage them? Events are organized for various purposes, some as celebration others as promotion and marketing.

Whatever the reasons may be, hosting an event needs excellent planning and exceptional organizational skill to execute. But sadly, most of us failed due to our inexperience, lack of skill or most importantly, financial constraint. And here comes the need for event management companies like popevents. But first, let us see what event management is all about and why we need event management companies, or in other words, why there are so many event management companies especially in the metro cities like Delhi.

Event management is the process of using business management and organizational skills to plan and organize events that can be social and business-related. It is the planning, organizing, and execution of events under certain conditions and budgetary constraints. The whole concept of event management is one of the most advanced and significant forms of marketing or advertising any product or any brand or any service or any company. Event management encompasses varied subject matters including corporate meetings, seminars, conventions, product launches, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, musical concerts, entertainment programs, ceremonies, fashion parades, etc. 

Events play a pivotal part in the success, growth and limelight of an organization or a company. An event management company not only has organizational skills but also thorough attention towards the client’s requirement. With great project management experience and problem solving tactics, any event management company could provide you a fruitful result along with a remarkable event hosting. The better knowledge one has about the events and industry functions, the best output is what you can expect. For event management companies, their services needs to be flexible at first and then should be target driven. And not to forget the more proactive approach an event management company has towards its client, it shows more dedication and any client will have faith and higher expectations from the event management company. 

Somebody once said to me,’ I have to arrange my cousin’s marriage ceremony but I’m a little anxious about it.’ I advised him straight away that he should inquire about the services of event management companies, and that’s exactly what he did! And it didn’t disappoint either! So to capture precious events like this or other official programs, you need not look beyond event management companies. Not sure? Here are the reasons why event management companies matter in organizing events. 

1. Experienced: Managing an event is hectic and exhaustive. Right from the planning stage to the final execution, it demands keen attention to every specific detail to ensure a smooth flow, and this is why you need seasoned professionals to do the job.

2. Get approval: Some events require the daunting task of acquiring permission and legal compliance to host. In hiring event management companies, all these contracts and permission will be handled by the event managers, thus saving your time and stress.

3. Reduce the budget: Event managers will negotiate the best rate in the market for you in acquiring any permission, hiring equipment and talents. They’ll ensure that things are arranged and managed efficiently which will save your expense.

4. Pick location and date: For events that need to be broadcasted or are audience-seeking, event management companies can choose the right venue and time suitable to the needs of your target audience. 

5. Boost promotion: Today events are also held for brand building and product launching purposes. There are event video makers who can cover your entire event which can be in the form of conference videos, publicity event videos, product launch videos, vox pop, etc.

6. All in all: One of the most important reasons for hiring event management companies is that they come with the whole package. Hosting an event requires equipment such as lights, tarpaulin, sitting arrangement for the quests and speakers, art and decoration, catering services, sound, and photography and videography.

7. Take ownership and responsibility: By hiring a professional event management company, you can free yourself from the hassles of arranging the event.

8. Professionals are creative: Event managers are creative professionals with the required organizational skills and creativity needed to make an event successful. They will set up the lights and decorate according to the mood and occasion.

9. Increase audience: For corporate events that are intended to build brand image, event management companies can increase the registration, acquire new customers, and make your event jammed packed.

10. Reduce stress: Event managers are professionals who can work under pressure and within a certain time constraint. Put the onus on these professionals and you have to stress no more. Hosting an event is the best way to facilitate face to face interaction, build trust, and dispel fears and doubts. This applies to all irrespective of colleagues, clients or partners, and it is a proven method of creating brand awareness. And the role of event managers is to give that sublime touch to your events making them special and magical.

By Manali

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