As most husbands get disappointed in a marriage that begins with romantic proposal dining etc fizzle out fast and then they realize that marriage is made of thousands of little moments and very few big moments. Couples quickly make small moments a foundation of marriage. It could be a causal touch a night in town, or even a big fight. The couple gradually learns that the mundane routine forms the basis of life.

There will be gridlock over issues minor or major. The importance of these arguments cannot be underestimated. So, it is a sensible thing to do is accept that marriage is not a perfect situation.

Marriage should benefit both partners to grow. This should be talked over amicably. The empathy that grows navigates the relationship enormously.  The couple will evolve, and rethink done as and when problems are faced. It is true spouse is the most important person and the wife’s actions and timing conveys the love.

Emotional neglect happens in many marriages. It is shown by a lack of action for the partner and is often difficult to identity. In nutshell, it is failing to meet the individual needs of the partner. It pushes couples apart and there is a sense of insecurity. Many couples are not able to pinpoint it. The relationship continues as arguments do not take place, but the relationship begins to crumble.

Then there is a question of the religious aspect. Husband in pressure of life may do things his conscience does not allow. There are aspects that a therapist may help.

the basic idea underlying this therapy is that some the person is ever struggling within themselves about the wrong that they have committed in the past and about the same they feel great remorse. Husband as a person comes across as a sympathetic and careful person before he can express his inner sense of guilt, he feels very much relieved because at the same time he also repents for his sins. In the form of such a sympathetic and careful person. Professional counseling will play a major role and give relief to the person. Once a confession is done the remorse feeling will be reduced.

Thank your husband for being a responsible partner. Enjoy and convey wedding anniversary wishes for husbands for the day all memories that the family created over the years. Respect for the partner is the backbone of the relationship. Caustic habits will tear apart the marriage.

Remember husbands we are unlike players in the game of life. However, we both make a team that plies a home with all the obstacles life throughs at us. Thanks for being with the family, enjoy many more years of happiness. Wishing you more candles on the anniversary cake. Enjoy a great anniversary. Thank you for always putting up with your wife. Wives put up with mood swings it doesn’t shatter me. Some husbands are quiet by nature, and it gets very lonely and boring. Despite everything, wives bless the husbands for wonderful years and pray the pair is not broken ever.

By Manali

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