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Even for a film that strives to advocate against the evils of dowry, Shaadi Me Jarur Aana is surprisingly muted. Regarding those who wish to sell their sons for the purpose of buying their daughters-in-law. For those who dismiss it as a long-standing tradition or samaaj ki pratha. There are those who wring their hands and say, ‘what-can-we-do, we have to marry our daughters off too.’ And they do not consider any of these factors as mitigating factors.

The sound is very loud on everything else. The background music has a very loud decibel level. This is the pitch of the melodrama. Throughout the telling of this confused tale about lovers Satyendra Mishra (Rao) and Aarti Shukla (Kharbanda), who meet, fall in love, separate, meet again, the loudness intrudes, and permeates the story.

With its implausible revenge theme, characters dressed in cotton, but who are totally unattainable, and a lead character who is presented as modern and thinking, but with very little agency or mental capacity, the story seems straight out of the 80s. One of her biggest dreams is to be able to work after marriage. With Satyendra aka Sattu, who is smitten with her pretty-in-pink persona, he has no hesitation in acquiescing. Here comes counter-cultural mother-in-law, yelling, “iss khandan hi bahu naukri nahi karegi”, or words of the sort that have no business being in a film in this day and age. As a result, things get muddled.

In no way should this be understood as implying that today’s pernicious practices do not exist. If anything, the people who demand have become more sophisticated and couch their requests in other words. Films should address this issue, mainstream entertainment with a reason, if you will, and it would be helpful to include a strong rebuttal as part of the plot.

The films should not couch their so-called ‘social messages’ in twisted ways like these, where all we are left with is confusion, while young Sattu and Aarti seek life partners and purpose.

One of the biggest surprises in the film is Nayani Dixit’s performance as Aarti’s badi behen – even though her advice to her younger sister is a bit untrustworthy. I actually would have played the role of Dickit had I been given the chance. He is a refreshingly tart and spirited actor.

As well as Rao, our attention is drawn to the show. He had an outstanding year last year, and this time around, he shows Sattu he is a real, vulnerable guy. Nevertheless, maybe he needs to take a break from being small town sweetheart. Those small towns are becoming too mainstream, as well as the movies set in them, and their quirky, colorful characters.

This is the cast of Shadi Me Jarur Aana

As IAS Officer, Rajkummar Rao succeeded Satyendra Mishra
Kriti Kharbanda plays PCS Officer Aarti Shukla
Navni Parihar plays Manju Shukla, Aarti’s mother
Govind Namdev plays Shyam Sunder Shukla, Aarti’s father
Nayani Dixit plays Abha, Aarti’s sister
Manoj Pahwa plays Jogi Mama,
K.K. Raina plays Jugal Kishore Mishra, Satyendra’s father
Alka Amin plays Shanti Mishra, Satyendra’s mother
Vipin Sharma plays Mahesh Mama, Sattu’s maternal uncle
Abhijeet Singh plays Ranjan, Aarti’s Brother in Vipin Sharma’s Sanath Gaur Mama
Karanvir Sharma as Sharad

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