According to data from 2020, more than 30 million adults in the United States regulalry smoked cigarettes. 

Smoking is a trend that doesn’t seem to fade, it provides people with a sense of relief and gives them a jolt of energy.

If you are a smoker and want to start making better choices for your health, you should consider vaping. 

Keep reading if you want to learn some of the largest differences between smoking cigarettes vs. vaping! 

Side Effects

One of the largest differences between smoking cigarettes vs. vaping is the side effects. 

Although both of them can harm people’s lungs, vaping is essentially considered to be the healthier option. Since vaping doesn’t contain tars or as many harmful chemicals, you are less likely to be at risk of developing cancer. It is still important to note, however, that vaping can still cause cancer or other health conditions. 

Common side effects of vaping include headaches, dry mouth, and dizziness. Cigarettes are more likely to cause coughing, illness, and immune problems. 


Whether you look at a smoking cigarettes guide or not, there isn’t a way to control the intensity of nicotine. 

Many people prefer vaping because they can control the nicotine levels and intensity of the puff. When you increase the vaping temperature, you can create more smoke, which helps you inhale more nicotine per hit. 

Another way that you can control the intensity is by getting smaller percentages of nicotine. You can find 0mg or find something with more of a boost. 

Flavor Options

If you are interested in trying different flavors while you smoke, vaping is the best choice. 

You can shop here for any flavor that you want, whether it is sweet, savory, or refreshing. Many previous smokers recommend menthol-flavored juices since they provide a cooling sensation.

Some people prefer the taste of traditional tobacco or a name brand of cigarettes. If you are hoping to transition to vaping, look for tobacco-flavored juices. You can talk to sales associates at vape shops to find the best juice for your preferences. 

Energy Source

Depending on your living situation, you will need to consider your energy source for smoking.

When you have access to electricity, you can recharge vape batteries and cause less waste on the planet. There are coils inside of the vape cartridge that become activated when the user inhales or pushes a button.  

For the times that you are camping or away from an outlet, cigarettes are a more reliable choice. All you need is a spark of fire to get a cigarette going, just be sure to watch out for no smoking signs. 

The Battle Between Smoking Cigarettes vs. Vaping 

Looking at the differences between smoking cigarettes vs. vaping can help you make the best choice for your health.

Vaping has shown to have fewer side effects, however, it can still cause cancer and other conditions like cigarettes. Look at a vaping guide to see if they have flavors you are interested in and try to find something suitable for your tolerance. 

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By Manali