Do you get regular pest inspections done for your home or business?

Ants live everywhere, remaining the number one pest nuisance in the United States. While some cause minor annoyances, other types create real problems. 

Other common pests that plague businesses and homes include termites, roaches, mice, rats, bedbugs, and bats. These critters do more than give you the heebie-jeebies. 

Read on to learn the importance of pest inspection in Brisbane Northern Suburbs and everywhere else!

Peace of Mind and Prevention

Pest inspections can happen before you suspect a problem in your home or business. You might schedule one annually, during the Spring when many creatures breed.

The inspector from may find nothing at all! In this case, you can feel secure.

They may notice vulnerable areas that could let in pests during their inspection, like cracks in the walls or wood piles too close to the home. Taking care of these issues helps prevent future pest problems.

Early Detection

Maybe this year they actually find an issue. While this is not good news, it is better than not discovering your pests until the problem grows large.

Little critters tend to hide in low-traffic areas. Without a pest inspection, they may remain there unnoticed for a long time.

Early detection makes way for prompt intervention. This means the issue stays small and easy to fix.


Bugs and animals do not simply live in your home. They often damage it.

Termites and carpenter ants eat through the infrastructure. Mice and rats chew everything from furniture to electric cords, and their urine creates a stench that won’t go away easily.

Each type of pest leaves its own little mark. A business or home pest inspection keeps your space intact.


A pest inspection cost may seem like something you don’t want to pay. But if you forgo the inspection now, you may pay much more later to remove a stubborn issue and fix the damage.

General pest control only costs between $400 and $950 per year on average. Extermination alone can cost up to $8,000 depending on the pest and the size of their infestation.


An infestation creates more than a financial issue for your home. It actually puts the health of you, your family, and your pets at risk.

Some critters bite. Bites can lead to discomfort, allergic reactions, and serious infections.

Rodents carry everything from rabies to hantavirus. While you can only contract rabies from direct interaction, hantavirus can spread to you from surfaces and even in the air!

Small children and pets are more at risk of getting sick because they crawl around the floor and may go after the pests. Keep your family safe with regular inspections.

Schedule Regular Pest Inspections

Do not wait until you notice a problem to call your local exterminator. Schedule regular pest inspections for both your home and business to keep the critters away and prevent bigger problems.

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By Manali