If you are wondering whether you need a boat driver’s certificate to operate a boat, then the answer is yes. In many countries, you are supposed to have a boating license for you to operate a vessel that has a motor and is used either for recreational or sporting purposes. No documentation is required to operate a vessel that does not have a motor such as a canoe or a kayak. The licenses demonstrate your competence.

After you have obtained your license from professionals Ace Boater , there are two main things that you need to do:

i. Always carry it with you

Just like a driver’s license, you are required to carry your boat driver license or Boater Education Card with you when you are operating your vessel. This is so that you can show it to enforcement officers whenever they ask to inspect it. Trust me, you will save yourself so much trouble if you always go cruising with your card.

ii. Be a responsible boat driver

You need to be cautious when you go out in the sea with your boat. Just like the normal driver’s license, a boat license can also be suspended and all your boating privileges revoked. Always check the laws in your locality to help you boat responsibly and stay on the right side of the law.

What are the benefits?

1. Age restrictions

There are different are restrictions are you move from one country to another. The reason why there is a minimum age set for which one has to achieve before they can obtain a boat driver’s license is to make sure that minors do operate boats.

If you have attained the required age, you should enroll for a boating course, attend all the classed, and pass the final test for you to qualify for a boating license.

2. Hiring Boats

You also need to have a valid boating license for you to be able to rent a boat from boat lending companies. It doesn’t really matter what you need the boat for; the most important thing is that you are able to operate it.

Having a boat driving license makes it so much easier for you to get a boat on rent. If you do not have a certificate to prove your level of competence, you might have to pay a much higher rental charge.

3. Insurance

Insurance companies will charge premium after a careful examination of the insurance risk. This refers to the likelihood of an accident happening whereby the will be required to pay the insurer after they have made a claim.

Generally, the insurance premium paid by a boat driver who has a license will be much lower compared to the amount paid by someone who does not have a valid license.

4. International operations

After successful completion of your training and obtaining a boat driver’s certification, this means that you are qualified to obtain an International Certification of Competence. The ICC is universally accepted so you can operate boats in foreign countries

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