Have you heard of essential oils? Did you know that according to Cosmeticsdesign.com, the market for essential oils has grown 200% since 2012?

There are many different types of essential oils and each type offers a different scent and benefit. Using essential oils can create ambiance in your home through the pleasant effects they provide.

If you’re interested in buying essential oils and want to learn more about the different types of essential oils, keep reading this guide.

1. Santal Oil

If you’re looking for a warm and woodsy scent, Santal might be the essential oil for you. Santal is made with sandalwood (hence the name), cardamom, papyrus, and musk.

This scent will create a sensual mood when diffused in your living space and gives off a similar scent to a musky perfume.

If you’re having a date night, santal is a great option for you and your significant other.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils you can buy. People love it for its calm, gentle aroma that is perfect for destressing.

Lavender oil is both floral, sweet, and powdery which makes for a pleasant smelling springtime scent in your home.

Many people will find that using essential oils like lavender is great for winding down at night because of its calm and soothing scent.

3. Eucalyptus Oil

Unlike the previous scents we talked about, eucalyptus oil is extremely bold and powerful. Many people compare the scent to the minty Vicks Vapo Rub.

That’s because eucalyptus oil is made up of mint, citrus, and honey – three intense smelling herbs that are often used for clearing sinuses.

While it may not be the most favorable scent in comparison to other essential oils, it is great for making your living space feel fresh, clean, and open. Another plus is that it keeps those pesky mosquitos away!

4. Rosemary Oil

Another popular essential oil is rosemary oil. Not only is this herb diffused, but it’s also included in a variety of recipes.

Rosemary is made with herbaceous and camphoraceous and derives from an evergreen shrub. Many people describe the scent as piney and woodsy and a bit similar to lavender and eucalyptus oil.

Like lavender oil, rosemary oil is known to be relaxing and soothing when diffused in your living space.

5. Peppermint Oil

We all know peppermint is known for its fresh and potent minty scent. For those who love peppermint scents and flavors, diffusing peppermint essential oils will probably be for you.

Peppermint oil will leave a cool, clean scent in your living space. The powerful potency awakens the room, making it great for productivity.

Therefore, you may benefit from diffusing peppermint oil during the daytime or when completing important tasks.

Common Types of Essential Oils

Those were the common types of essential oils. Determine which essential oil fits your needs and purchase it today along with one of the many types of scent diffusers.

If none of these essential oils appeal to you, there are endless amounts of other options to choose from.

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By Manali