The $95.67 billion car rental industry is bouncing back fast after the upheaval of 2020 and should grow to a value of $186.59 billion within the next few years.

That’s because renting cars for vacations gives travelers the freedom to enjoy themselves in ways that Uber and public transport simply can’t match.

So, if you’re planning a vacation and considering skipping car hire this time, you could end up regretting your choice.

Rather, read this guide to choosing a rental car to make the most of your time away.

Pick a Car That Suits Your Style

Most rental car companies offer three main types of rental cars, ranked according to size. These are:

  • Economy cars for two adults and two children
  • Mid-Size cars that accommodate four adults and one child
  • Full-Size cars for five adults

Additionally, many companies offer electric and hybrid cars accommodating two adults and two children.

Apart from the number of travelers, you must take luggage into account when choosing a car.

If you’re planning an active getaway, be sure to consider enough packing space for your equipment, like diving gear, skis, etc., or consider hiring what you need on arrival.

Are you accustomed to driving a luxury vehicle in your everyday life? You needn’t slum it while vacationing.

Look online for exotic car hire companies like,, or These rental agencies specialize in vehicles that won’t put you out of your comfort zone.

One last thing to consider is your destination. A compact vehicle that’s easy to maneuver in traffic suits a city break, but it won’t stand up to the rigors of an off-road adventure.

Choosing a Rental Car Service

An online search is the best place to start comparing car costs for your chosen vehicle. Make a note of the best deals and where to find them before you dive deeper into exploring your options.

Reading online reviews is an effective way to separate the good from the bad when it comes to car hire companies.

Pay attention to comments surrounding customer service as well as the quality and cleanliness of the vehicles.

Complaints about companies that add random charges to your credit card are a red flag, but you can ignore those centered around obvious misunderstandings.

Saving Money on Your Rental Car

Apart from searching for the best deals, you can also save on your car hire costs by filling up your rental car before you return it. Car hire companies charge a little extra per gallon than regular fuel stations.

You’ll find that rental cars are more expensive when you make use of an airport car hire service. Rather, take an airport shuttle to the closest city and pick up your rental car there.

Before you opt for expensive extra insurance when renting a car, make sure your credit card company doesn’t already cover this aspect. Mastercard, Visa, Sapphire, and many other credit cards offer this perk.

Make the Most of Your Vacation

When you use these quick tips for choosing a rental car, you’re assured of a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective vacation.

Now all you need is a destination to match. Browse our website for all the best vacation inspiration and tips.

By Manali