In the country of Pakistan it is possible to follow and enjoy some great cricket competitions. When visiting the top bet site – 1xBet bookmaker features great options to also make wagers on these championships.

There are lots of different competitions of this sport in the country. They are played in different variations of the game. One of the newest championships organized in Pakistan is the highly entertaining Kashmir Premier League. This competition had its first edition in 2021, and as its name suggests, it is focused on the Azad Kashmir region. The 1xBet bookmaker is a top betting site that can be used to wager on matches played in this competition.

Beginnings of the championship

The idea to establish a cricket competition in this area was officially launched in late 2020. At that moment, it was suggested that the first matches could be played as early as May 2021. However, due to some logistical difficulties, it was decided to postpone the start of the Kashmir Premier League by three months. In order to wager on this tournament, is the best place to go.

The 2021 season of the championship had six teams. They were:

  • the Bagh Stallions;
  • the Kotli Lions;
  • the Mirpur Royals;
  • the Muzaffarabad Tigers;
  • the Rawalakot Hawks;
  • and the Overseas Warriors.

The first five of those teams represent specific cities in Kashmir. The sixth one actually represents the Kashmiri diaspora located all over the world. The 1xBet website has wagering options on all these great squads.

The first champion and subsequent expansion

The first instance of the Kashmir Premier League was won by the Rawalakot Hawks. They played a great final against the Muzaffarabad Tigers. The contest took place on the 17th of August 2021. The Hawks won by 7 runs. At any moment, punters can watch kabaddi live match – 1xBet bookmaker also features some great cricket streams and bets.
In general terms, the first season of the Kashmir Premier League was seen as a success by all parties involved. For this reason, some plans to expand the competition were being thought out at that moment. By the end of 2021, the creation of two new squads were announced, which would increase the total number of teams to 8. The new entrants would be the GB Markhors and Jammu Janbaz. To watch live kabaddi and cricket matches, the best place is the 1xBet bookmaker, which also has great live wagering chances.

By Manali