The best football is played in Europe and South America. You can make one bet on on the best leagues played in those two parts of the world. For both South American players and coaches, it is quite an achievement in their careers to go to Europe. Some European players and coaches also do the opposite by going to South America, however, this is far less frequent.

It is even less frequent to see a coach from Europe being successful in South America. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and Yugoslavian Mirko Jozić was one of them. Punters can make one bet on the 1xBet betting platform, which offers the best South American football competitions.

Becoming known in Chile

Jozić was a professional football coach between 1970 and 2007. He worked with many Yugoslavian youth national teams between 1972 and 1988. He did an incredible job coaching those teams, which can be wagered at whenever they play.

In fact, the highlight of Jozić’s career was when he won the 1987 U-20 FIFA World Cup in Chile. By the way, the former coach had some illustrious names in that team, such as:

  • Zvonimir Boban;
  • Predrag Mijatović;
  • Robert Prosinečki;
  • and Davor Šuker.

Whenever players of this level of talent are in the field, you can wager on them through the 1xBet website. Jozić’s job didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, he was approached by Chilean football team Colo-Colo. He was offered the job of the head of the youth teams of the club, which he accepted.

Reaching glory

Jozić’s job with the youngsters at the Chilean team was simply incredible. Currently, the website 1xBet offers live casino online, and it can be enjoyed while waiting for the next Colo-Colo game.

The Yugoslavian worked with some great talents who were promoted to the senior team, and helped it to win lots of domestic titles. However, in 1990, the stakes became higher for the coach, as he was offered the role of head coach of the senior team, which he accepted.

Here is where the love story between the Chilean team and Mirko Jozić starts to emerge. While Colo-Colo was probably the best Chilean domestic team, it was well below Brazilian and Argentinian teams at continental level. In fact, up to that moment, no Chilean squad had ever claimed any kind of continental trophy. However, the Yugoslavian did the unthinkable. Currently, there is a great live online casino offered by 1xBet, and can be played before the next Copa Libertadores game begins.

The Chilean team led by Jozić won the 1991 Copa Libertadores, which is a feat that is well-remembered even today. This is because it has been the only time when a Chilean team has won such a trophy.

By Manali