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There is no feeling in the world like moving into our new homes. It is a journey that passes through patience to hopes to excitement and joy at last. But not all get to get the same joy after stepping into their new homes. Some people face issues from the very start. What goes wrong with their home that does not go with others’? Issues could be due to errors of an architect, designers, or construction material. This is the reason why it always gets suggested to hire an expert building architect. We spoke to https://radvi.com/in/contact-us/about the possible issues in a new home and the solutions there could be.

New does not always mean nice.

Common issues faced in new homes!

There have been many cases where people were promised something and then were given otherwise. Sometimes it gets noticed when the client is informed about things related to construction and quality; at other times it went unnoticed for a longer period until somebody told them. For example, there was a case in Pune where the builder was given a contract to build a luxury home. When they entered they found that the walls were hollow and covered with poor quality chipboards. They were able to smack a punch from one side of the wall and reach the other side.

Whenever you hire a building architect, always confirm if the company or person is genuine, expert, and has been in the industry for many years.

Now, here are some common issues that you might face.

1 – Cracks in the concrete!

Many times people start seeing cracks in the concrete just after a few days. Concrete is the most used construction material in India.

Many times poor inexperienced builders mix more water into the mortar. To get proper fixing one needs to have a proper composition of different mixing materials. When water or sand get mixed in more amount than required, cracks start to form by time.

These cracks sometimes happen either near the drainpipe, gutter, or roof. This gives way to the water to seep in and damage the interior.

2 – Improper flooring or carpeting!

Flooring is that part of the home that we notice most often. We are evolved like this, to look down at the ground and be vary of any immediate threat. Now there are no threats but there are floors. And when we look at floors we think of many things related to it and the homeowner.

Many builders do not do flooring with expertise. They rush over things and then issues happen. In case of marble flooring, the marbles do not get bonded tightly. Or they do not get polished smoothly. Carpets are also not often fixed to the padding below appropriately.

Sometimes the builder chooses the wrong flooring material. For example, when one does not know how materials react in different environments, wrong choices get made, said https://radvi.com/in/contact-us/ . Having wood flooring in a climate with high moisture fluctuation can be deadly. Wood has the tendency to change shape due to moisture and humidity.

3 – Improper wall texture!

You either might see brush strokes on the wall below the paint, or might see moist texture on the wall. When you do not let the plaster set and dry off completely and put paint, this happens. This is done to get fresco painting, not a proper wall colour.

Also, not letting the walls dry off completely leads to the trapping of moisture. This creates flakes on the wall and poor white puffs in the long run. Ask your building architect to give you guarantees against issues like these.

4 – Poor Plumbing!

Ah! Plumbing! This is one of the issues that is very hard to notice. Because almost all the plumbing gets done within the wall, the chances of noticing issues are less. But there are ways that you can keep this to a low,

  • Check the taps and visible joints to see if they are leaking. If you see a leak on the outside, there could be a chance that there could be a leak inside too.
  • Notice any wetness on the walls. Look at the patterns. If there are patches with a highly wet centre then the chances are that there is a leak. Have a water leak detection system to confirm.
  • You might also see leaks in the rainy season. Monsoon is the real test of a house to check leaks and cracks. If you see any, contact your building architect and builder.

5 – Faults in electrical fittings!

You might not be able to notice this too. Many fraud builders install poor quality wires in the home. Because wires are not readily visible, they make their way through. The only way out is to hire an expert and trusted builder. You may buy them wire by yourself and ask someone to stay there at the time of construction. Keep on visiting time by time.

6 – Doors do not close!

Ah! Again an issue with improper fitting and construction. It could be an issue with your door, but more it will be how they fit it. Wooden doors are more prone to such types of issues because wood changes shape.

You must choose the right material type for doors and windows.

Proper frame fitting must be there too. If the doors and windows are having a hard time closing and opening, check the frame. Also, check the glasses that they have fitted. Some edges could have been left unclosed and these edges are dangerous.

7 – Air circulation issue!

This issue is most common in homes with poor design. Air circulation depends upon how the house is designed. The placements of rooms, doors, windows, their direction, height, etc. decide if the air will flow or get trapped. Always look for an experienced building architect who knows the science behind airflow and circulation. Spend some money on having a house plan. It works like a guide in the complete construction process and helps avoid costly errors. You will be spending in this less and saving much more.

8 – Heating and cooling issues!

Again, heating and cooling depend on a few things –

  • the design of the home
  • insulation quality in the walls
  • installation of doors and windows
  • quality and placement of appliances

If the builder has erred in any one of these, issues will emerge now or later. Pay proper attention to what is getting bought and how it is getting placed. Trust the inputs of the experts but do not hesitate to lay your input too. If you have hired a reputed builder or architect, you need not to worry much. Home is something that we often do not spend into more than once in our lifetimes. Thus, it becomes necessary to hire qualified experts when you get it done, said https://radvi.com/in/contact-us/ . The quality of the building architect always decides the quality of life you’ll be having later on.

By Manali