Web design is a great predictor of success for every customer that browses your website. A web design company can help you put together an attractive, functional, and flexible site. Moreover, the integration of your business’ aim and your website must go beyond just the aesthetics.

With the increased demand and competition, various design companies and agencies are offering their services to businesses. Also, due to the ever-developing technology, numerous design tools are made accessible to you online.

Whichever you opt for, identifying the nays you must avoid, and the yays you absolutely should do is a no-brainer.

The Nays

  • Clutter – These can range from unnecessary amounts of information stacked into one area to generic irrelevant photos and videos. Only summarized and direct to the point texts should be put on your site. Additionally, the grid layout observes the correct placement of the chunked summed-up texts. This layout has been proven efficient along with the “Z” and “F” reading patterns in getting more fruitful views from consumers. Furthermore, only relevant pictures and videos captured explicitly for the business should be added to the website. Avoid using stock photos and general-use media if possible.
  • Auto-play – Music and videos should never play automatically on a website. Rather than appreciating it, most browsing customers will feel overwhelmed. This unwarranted viewing/listening also takes up data that the customer might be saving up. If unavoidable, videos can be put in auto-play mode but with the audio turned off. The user will be the one to decide if they want to watch or listen to the video or audio.
  • Confusion – A happy client is a stress-free one. Keeping the sign-in and -up or even the check-out forms clean with specific and no overpowering options is necessary. Delegating various step-by-step options in numerous windows is vital. Labelled buttons make the patrons feel well-thought-of and accommodated. The same feelings are generated from making sure that there are distinctions from the visited links. An observed colour change from the unclicked to the clicked webpages goes a long way.    

The Yays

  • Coordination – A visually-appealing design makes sure that every nook and cranny of the website is well-organized. A web design company ensures a balance of media and text between brilliant font types, colours, and sizes. This format would make the customer want to see more by scrolling up to the end, making the experience memorable. Leaving a lasting positive experience for the user’s eyes and brain would make them more likely to proceed to the check-out window.
  • Functional – Every element in the website must be working. User-friendly structures make way for better interactions. A well-placed animation, specifically on a pop-up before the client exits, also never hurts. Noteworthily, securing a responsive design for the website would add to the convenience points. Designs adaptable from desktops to smartphones garner positive engagements. Most importantly, an understandable but insufferable loading speed in the website is a must. The goal must always be to keep the consumers from boredom.
  • Optimized – Coming out on top of the competition is always the target for these websites. SEO-optimized websites paired with UX/UI web design guarantees a smooth and opportunistic experience. A browsing experience would surely turn to more conversions as patrons stay hooked until the last scroll.

By Manali

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