OSHA has reduced workplace fatalities by more than half since 1970. Occupational safety plays a crucial role in preventing work-related injuries and fatalities.

It’s important to implement safety techniques and equipment to keep workers safe. This is especially true in dangerous work environments like construction and manufacturing.

A critical aspect of work safety in these fields is industrial safety equipment. Read on to learn how having the right equipment can keep workers safe.

Types of Industrial Safety Equipment

To understand why safety equipment is so important, you need to know the different types of safety tools available.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is equipment used by a single worker to protect them from hazards. This includes protective clothing a worker wears, like hard hats, boots, safety glasses, and earplugs.

PPE prevents exposure to many kinds of hazards, such as heat, chemicals, and dust. In an industrial environment, PPE must be worn at all times for work safety.

Safety Harnesses

If workers have to be high above the ground, they need a fall protection system in place. One of OSHA’s most commonly cited violations is insufficient fall protection.

For high elevation workers’ safety, they should have a harness or belt securely connected to an anchor point. If they lose footing, the harness keeps them from falling to the ground.

For this equipment to function as intended, the material has to be high quality.

The lanyard (the rope or strap connecting the harness to the anchor) must be strong enough to bear the weight of the worker. If you’re unsure of what material to use for safety harness lanyards, a custom webbing manufacturer can help.

Fire Safety

Apart from burns, fires present other hazards like suffocation and even explosions. Workers need safety equipment to quickly put out accidental fires.

The most common type of fire safety equipment is a fire extinguisher. OSHA has strict requirements for fire extinguisher placement, so make sure your facility is up to code.

Fires can also be put out with equipment like fire blankets and ceiling sprinklers.

Benefits of Industrial Safety Equipment

There is no way to completely neutralize every potential hazard. Even in an office environment, there is always a small chance of accidents.

Safety equipment can greatly reduce the possibility of work-related injuries and fatalities. Safe work environments have several other advantages as well.

Workers in a safe environment will feel confident in their role and be more effective. This will also reduce turnover and give your company a good reputation.

In addition to the benefit to employees, creating a safer environment lessens the chance of costly violation fees and lawsuits. OSHA performs regular inspections, and taking the necessary precautions will ensure compliance.

Keep Workers Safe

Work safety goes deeper than your workers wearing their PPE. Implementing industrial safety equipment should be an ongoing process.

Be sure your facility follows OSHA guidelines to keep your workers safe and avoid legal trouble.

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By Manali