If you are looking for the most challenging golf course in the region, then look no further than White Eagle Golf Club. This 18 hole, par 72 course will provide a challenge for even the most experienced golfer. But don’t worry if you’re not an expert; there is plenty of space to enjoy your game and get your saw grip swing on at this club. It’s a public course, so anyone can play.

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The course is located in El Segundo, and it’s open from sunrise until sunset every day of the year.

Even if you’re not a member, as long as there’s space on the course and enough daylight to play by, anyone can tee off.


The club is open every day of the year from sunrise until sunset. There are no specific dress code or age restrictions for guests who want to enjoy a round at this golf course. Normally, clubs have a rigid dress code and require a state ID to check-in.

If you’ve never played before but really want to get out onto the green grass with your friends or family members one weekend then that should be possible. Visiting the course on a weekend is typically not an issue, however during the week it may be better to book your tee time in advance especially if you want to avoid being turned away at check-in.

Features Championship

The course features championship tees for more experienced players who are looking for new challenges and professional level golfing opportunities that will push them out of their comfort zone. For those just getting started or don’t have as much experience playing 18 holes, there’s also beginner tees which provide less challenging courses with smaller greens and less obstacles such as sand traps to negotiate around. There’s even a junior nine hole option so kids can learn how fun this game can be without feeling intimidated by longer distances between the flagsticks or larger crowds.

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Happy duration

Visiting the course during peak tourist season, such as summertime will typically mean that you’ll have to book your round well in advance. If you’re looking for a specific tee time and don’t want to be turned away at check-in then it’s best to book online or call ahead of time so that there’s no issue when you arrive. It can also get pretty crowded on weekends which might make playing 18 holes difficult if there aren’t enough golf carts available; we recommend booking early even during off-peak times by calling (310) 322-2781 before arriving at the course.

Golf Components

The golf components at White Eagle golf club are spectacular. The golf shop is well-stocked and has all the equipment you need to play a long day on this beautiful course. There’s also an array of golf apparel for men, women, and children so everyone in your group can look their best when they step off the links!

The clubhouse at White Eagle Golf Club features facilities that rival any other venue in Chicago . You will be treated like royalty no matter how much money or time you have already spent here! With five star service from every staff member who works there, it’s easy to see why many consider this one of the most luxurious courses in Illinois !

With amenities galore , along with the perfect weather year round ; It’s no wonder golfers are drawn to White Eagle Golf Club . As the premier golf course in Chicago, Illinois , this is a must play for all golf enthusiasts!

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