BMW Performance Parts

Are you looking to take the iconic look of your BMW to another level? BMW cars have a sporty and chic look that can be tuned. Adding BMW M Performance Parts to your car improves its sporty design while maximizing the level of individuality. 

BMW M Performance Parts are crafted with exclusive motorsport DNA to deliver dynamic performance and exceptional quality. You have different options, including sports alloy wheels, kidney grills, performance exhaust, rear spoilers, and carbon fiber mirror covers.

Here is more information about the different BMW Performance Parts:

M Performance Exhaust System

A collaboration between BMW M GmbH and Akrapovic, a leading titanium exhaust system producer, resulted in the crafting of this system. It was developed for the M3 and M4 BMW models and featured a tailpipe trim module and a titanium exhaust system.

The M Performance exhaust system produces a resonant and deep sound. It boasts corrosion resistance and weighs less than the standard BMW exhaust model. 

The high-tech M Performance exhaust system visually warrants your BMW a new look with its four-positioned tailpipe trims. These sporty trims and the rear silencer are fully made of racing-grade titanium that grants your BMW a unique snazzy appearance. 

M Performance Rear Diffuser, Carbon-Fiber

Unlike the standard BMW diffuser, this rear diffuser has carbon fiber and is entirely handmade. It is a high-tech BMW performance part that adds to your BMW’s motorsport character and enthusiasm. Replacing your plain diffuser with this gives the rear end of your car a more aggressive and sporty design. 

The M Performance rear diffuser is only made for BMW cars with the M aerodynamic package. It is made using carbon fiber that highlights your car’s modern appearance. 

M-Performance rear diffuser is constructed using the Polyurethane Reaction Injected Molding (PUR-RIM) process, which makes it lightweight but strong. This BMW performance part has a black matte finish, but you can paint it if you desire. 

M Performance Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber

The 100% carbon fiber front splitter highlights your BMW’s masculine appearance and provides it with maximum aerodynamics. This part has an inspiring design and exceptional quality that completely transforms a BMW car. It is unique without compromising on design. 

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The M Performance front splitter is handmade and only limited to the BMW vehicles with the M Aerodynamics package. It has limited sustainability for everyday use due to low ground clearance.

BMW M Performance Brake Retrofit Kit

This kit includes oversized performance rotors, Brembo calipers, and pads. The brake kit exteriors enhance contrast and set accents that leave a long-lasting effect on anyone that sees the kit. Its refined interiors enhance the motorsport feel of any BMW model.

The M Performance brake kit has three colors: orange, yellow, and red. These brake rotors and pads are designed to upgrade the F3X brakes. All of its components are a replacement for the stock F3X brakes. Remodeling your brakes to match these bigger, more effective brake kits transforms your car.

BMW Performance Gear Lever

This gear lever visually demonstrates the designer’s love of precision, technology, and racing. Its precise design is conducive to sports-style driving.

The aluminum and black Alcantara used in this gear lever improve your BMW cockpit design detail and its overall interior look. Open-pored carbon fiber on this gear is a high-tech material that takes your BMW interiors to another level.

M Performance Black Kidney Grille

The M Performance black Kidney grille gives your BMW a lasting first impression. This high gloss black grille adds to its dynamics and athletic look, making the air inlet appear more prominent and striking.

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Personalizing your BMW with different types of BMW M Performance Parts makes it sportier and more exquisite. Improve your car with different M Performance options such as rear diffusers, rear spoilers, kidney grilles, and a performance exhaust.

The BMW performance options are both versatile and extensive. A specialized BMW car performance expert can install them in any BMW model. Incorporating them into your BMW gives it a racetrack-inspired design and elevates it to another level.

By Manali