Real Time Location Systems

Being a manager of a healthcare institution like a hospital is an incredibly stressful and responsible task. After all, it’s extremely difficult to keep an eye on both patients and assets. What are real time location systems in healthcare and how can they help you streamline the entire process?

Healthcare RTLS – what is it?

RTLS (Real Time Location System) is a cutting-edge solution that makes it possible to track the location of specific people or assets in a specific area. When talking about the healthcare industry, it may denote the entire institution, chosen wards, or subsections of the medical center.

All you need to do to benefit from healthcare RTLS is to give special ID tags or badges to things or people in question. Each of these ID tags or badges will transmit a unique ID and sensors placed in various locations in the facility will be able to receive the signal and determine the location of the person or item in question.

How can you use Real Time Location Systems in healthcare?

As you probably know, managing a healthcare institution is a hard nut to crack. After all, you need to cooperate not only with your colleagues and medical staff but also with patients. The task can be pretty challenging and potential mistakes may be costly. Therefore, by benefiting from Real Time Location Systems in healthcare, you’re able to:

  • Streamline the operation of the entire hospital by keeping everything organized.
  • Save time you would normally need to locate patients or important objects that are frequently lost.
  • Improve patients’ experience by optimizing the time they need to spend in the waiting room and allowing them to move efficiently.
  • Refine room utilization and give staff members necessary data that will allow them to provide patients with the level of care they need.
  • Minimize expenses. Due to the fact that some portable equipment in hospitals is hard to locate, many institutions buy even up to 20% more tools than they actually need. Healthcare RTLS can solve the problem once and for all.

Healthcare RTLS – the takeaway

In hospitals each second can have a critical impact on one’s life. Real Time Location Systems for healthcare are a great way to streamline the operation of the entire institution, work more efficiently, minimize the expenses, improve patients’ experiences and keep everything organized at relatively low costs.

By Manali

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