With so many social media channels to choose from, it can be difficult for a company or brand to know which ones fit their marketing strategy. However, this decision becomes much easier with the right tools and analytics. Here, we will discuss how companies can use social media analytics to make marketing decisions that will help them grow their business on a global scale.

1. By measuring sentiment

One of the best ways to measure social media success is measuring sentiment. For a company to do this, it must first have a campaign strategy. Then, the next step is to perform a sentiment analysis on all of the social updates sent out about their products or services. This will give them a clear idea of how successful their marketing campaign is and where they need to change.

2. Measuring brand health

Another major factor that needs to be considered when using social media analytics is measuring brand health. It can be easy for a company or brand to bombard consumers with information about their products and services. Still, if the consumer does not believe what they are saying or doesn’t feel like the information is truthful, then social media analytics will not help. For this reason, companies must use analytics to determine how their consumers view their brand and if there are some areas where they need to make changes.

3. Analyzing content performance

After every campaign has ended, a company should perform a content performance analysis. This is a vital step because it will help them see which updates were more successful than others and how people interacted with the content published on social media. For example, if some updates do not receive as many likes or shares as other posts, this can be used as feedback to help improve future posts.

4. Segmenting audiences

Another important aspect of using social media analytics is segmenting audiences. It’s very common for companies or brands to have several different target audiences, so it’s crucial to track each one separately. This way, the company can better understand how their marketing campaign performed with each segment, and they can pick which audience to focus on in the future.

5. Tracking brand mentions

One of the most basic forms of social media analytics is tracking brand mentions. If a company or brand has created an update about their product or service, then monitoring brand mentions will help them see how many people interacted with that update. NetbaseQuid is one of the best tools for performing these types of updates. It analyzes the sentiment of every update, shows how many people have created a new mention about a particular brand since their last social media update, and highlights the most influential users who create these mentions.

6. Comparing competitors

Another great way to use analytics for marketing decisions is by comparing competitors. It is always healthy for a company to have a competitor in mind while developing its marketing campaign strategy. This will help them see what content has been successful on social media and how they can use it to their advantage. To compare competitors, a company needs to monitor their competitors’ brand mentions and perform a sentiment analysis of their updates. This way, they can see which brand is doing a better job on social media and determine if they need to make any changes to keep up with the competition.


If a company or brand is not using social media analytics to help them with their marketing decisions, then there is a good chance that they are missing out on some key information. Implementing the six strategies listed above will give any business or brand an advantage in making marketing decisions. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try What are Private Label Products for Amazon sales.

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