Electronic mail (AKA email) was invented in 1971. While it took about a decade longer for email to take over, it is no secret that today, email is one of the primary modes of communication.

Yet, not too long ago, handwritten letters were far more common. People turned to letter writing when they wanted to reach someone across the country or overseas. But before the invention of the telephone, sending a letter was the only way to reach someone, period.

Writing a letter has fallen out of fashion. But that does not mean letters are not still useful. We have compiled some of the top advantages of mailing a letter and curated them in this guide, so keep reading.

Handwritten Letters Are Nostalgic

Are you planning to send an email or some mail to your elderly parent or friend? Delight your loved one or friend the old-fashioned way with a handwritten note.

Handwritten mail is nostalgic. That means it brings back memories of the good ol’ days. Plus, you can learn more here about whether or not your friend or loved one will even have to get up from the couch to sign for the letter.

Handwritten Letters Are Meaningful

Writing by hand takes time. And that is why, when someone receives your letter, they will know you were thinking about them. They will also know how much time you took to reach out.

Sending a meaningful gift like this can help the recipient feel good about him or herself. That is why it is a great idea to send a handwritten letter for someone’s birthday, well wishes, or after someone they love passes away.

Handwritten Letters Are Beautiful

We all learned how to write cursive in grade school. And some of us also learned how to create word art with calligraphy. There are endless letter ideas when you throw in these types of word art!

Handwritten letters can be very beautiful with all that looping and graceful lettering. Even if you do not have anything to send someone else, writing a beautiful letter to yourself is a relaxing and creative endeavor.

Handwritten Letters Can Be Keepsakes

Another benefit of letters is that you can save them forever. You can keep an email in your inbox for as long as you want. But unless you print it out, you can not add an email to your keepsake box.

With their beauty, meaning, and nostalgia, handwritten letters are different. You can hold onto a written letter until the paper starts to fall apart. And you can always remember how it felt the first time you received it.

Ready to Send Your Letter?

Handwritten letters are old-fashioned, but that is one reason why this form of communication is so wonderful. Sending a letter you wrote by hand will make the recipient feel loved and remind them of good times past.

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By Manali