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One of the ways that Einstein HR can help growing companies provide high-quality HR solutions is by acting as a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. When you join up with a PEO Company, your company’s employees become legal employees of the PEO. This is called the co-employment relationship, and some business owners may find it worrisome.

However, you remain an employer of record and are still in charge of your employees when you work with a PEO. The co-employment arrangement is simply a way for the PEO to legally access, manage, and provide services like employee benefits and payroll administration.

A Co-Employment Arrangement Can Provide Your Business With Better Services

Business owners use PEOs for a variety of reasons and to meet a variety of needs within their company. In short, having a PEO perform human resource services for your business can save you both time and money.

When you use a PEO, you no longer have to worry about handling HR services. Instead, you can focus on growing your business, attracting clients, and increasing your profit margin.

When you use a PEO, you often pay less than you would if you used an in-house HR staff. Plus, your employees have access to a wider, cheaper pool of higher-quality benefits.

At Einstein HR, we offer expertise in a full array of HR services that you can use when engaging with us as a PEO.

Payroll Administration

As a PEO, Einstein HR can handle all of your payroll needs. This includes services like monitoring wage garnishment and dealing with direct deposits of employees’ pay stubs.

Employee Benefits Management

Einstein HR works with a variety of businesses with as few as five employees all the way up to more than 500 employees. This gives us a large pool of employees, lowering overall costs of benefits packages and providing access to higher-tier benefits than companies can provide on their own.

Workers’ Compensation

Einstein HR can provide your company with premium workers’ compensation insurance as well as handling policies and procedures in the workplace to lower your risk and increase safety among your staff.

Legal Compliance Services

When you sign a co-employment agreement with Einstein HR as a PEO, you can have access to our decades of experience helping companies ensure compliance with local and federal labor regulations. This can reduce your overall risk and save you time and money by preventing costly errors.

Outsourcing Your HR Needs to Einstein HR

There are a host of other services that companies require, and Einstein HR is here to help. Our HR outsourcing services include the entire work of an in-house HR department. Alternatively, we offer an a la carte system in which you can select only a few services that you need for your company.

Using Co-Employment to Boost Your Business

Co-employment arrangements are often crucial for new and smaller businesses. By having a PEO handle your HR needs, you set your business up to have decades of experience right from the outset. Plus, co-employment reduces your initial start-up costs by precluding the hiring of an in-house HR staff and lowering the cost of providing employee benefits.

Some employers may be wary of co-employment arrangement, fearing increased risks or liabilities. However, in reality there are no risks involved with co-employment. You still retain control of your business and are still in charge of hiring or releasing employees. The co-employment arrangement merely allows the PEO to be legally recognized as a second employer of record who can perform employee-related services in an official capacity.

Speak With the PEO Professionals Today

If you are just opening your new business, or are the owner of a small-to-mid-sized business, outsourcing your HR needs to a PEO can be of great benefit. It can allow you access to the same level of services as larger companies and corporations at a fraction of the cost, and it can free you up to pursue the real issues surrounding your company.

Einstein HR has decades of experience helping companies grow and thrive. We have won several awards for the quality of our services, and we use our expertise to anticipate and solve the needs of your company. Also, TruePeopleSearch is a useful tool for obtaining public records from federal and state agencies in your area. The user may be directed to a cost-effective provider that offers quick access to its database, a user-friendly website, and customer service. This public record search engine attempts to make all of the government’s records available to the public.

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