Photo print trends are constantly changing, but there are always classics that will never go out of style. This blog post is all about how to create timeless photo prints for your wedding day in 2022.

These ideas include printing photos on canvas or paper, mounting them on boards or frames, and framing them with ribbon bows. The best part? You have options! You can do this yourself right at home and make a day out of it to get exactly what you want. Or if you want a cleaner finished product you can think about professional mobile framing, that will take care of all the hard work for you and provide a quality finished product.

There are so many photo prints to choose from when it comes to wedding planning. With the newest trends, the most popular option for a couple’s wedding is going with a mix of vintage and modern photos. This means that there are plenty of different ways that you can go about designing your print spread.

Here are 10+ ideas for wedding photo prints in 2022:

1. Ribbon Wrapped Photo Prints

Ribbon-wrapped photo prints are perfect for DIY wedding print projects because you can work with any shape, size, and color. Choose a color that matches the theme of your wedding, or go with one that contrasts beautifully to make it pop!

2. Group Family Photos

Group family photos are a lovely way to celebrate the people you love most. Whether it’s your immediate family or your wedding party, everyone will have a chance to show off their big smiles in front of the camera.

3. Chalkboard Photo Prints

Chalkboard photo prints look amazing because they can be customized however you want them! Write out messages for those attending your wedding or snap a few shots that highlight some of your favorite moments together as a couple.

4. Polaroid Photo Prints

Polaroid photo prints are a really fun way to capture your guests at the moment. Guests can pose for their very own frozen-in-time polaroid print, framing it on the spot before passing it along to the next person!

5. Flowers And Foliage Photo Prints

Flowers and foliage are an elegant theme that can be utilized multiple times throughout your wedding day, from table centerpieces to guest book spreads.

6. Mounted Family Photos

Have family members gather around for mounted photos at your wedding! This is a great idea if you have a large family or for a wedding in general. Grouping everyone together is a great way to celebrate your loved ones!

7. Modern Photo Prints

With flat lays at an all-time high these days, photo prints are the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into your big day! Take advantage of this trend by using artful papers and framing to make it worth noticing. 

8. Vintage Photo Prints

One of the most popular wedding print trends today, vintage photo prints mix beauty with sentimentality in a wonderful way that can’t be beaten! And if you’re looking to go even more old school, consider printing on film and processing it yourself for added charm!

9. Glass Mounted Family Photos

Glass-mounted photos steal the show at weddings and events everywhere. When done right, they can even cover large walls or spaces in a way that is inventive and unique!

10. A Video Montage Of Your Wedding Day

Video montages have been all over social media lately with people sharing their favorite wedding memories in a video format for everyone to enjoy. Include your own video montage as part of your wedding photo print project to give guests an idea of what your life together has been like so far!

11. Scrapbook Layouts

Create scrapbook layouts using pages from a book you’ve kept throughout the years instead of an actual scrapbook! This way you’ll have a more streamlined feel when it comes time to a print project from your memories.

12. Custom Silhouettes

If you’re looking for a truly unique wedding print project, consider hiring a silhouette artist to create custom silhouettes for you and your partner! This is something that can be hung up in your home as a lasting reminder of your big day.

When it comes time to choose your wedding photo prints, don’t be afraid to get creative. First, you need to find a wedding photographer that will make your wedding photoshoot dream a reality. With so many different ideas floating around these days, there’s sure to be one that will fit perfectly with the look and feel of your wedding day. Have fun with it!

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